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I wonder what outcome you're expecting because the 255 bar limit emanates only and always from the BIAB algorithm regardless of the vehicle it's wrapped in. Be it RealBand, BIAB VST, Reaper, Traction or any other DAW.

Good question, Charlie! I haven't tried the VST plugin option with Tracktion yet but hope to soon when I have enough time to go through all the steps of setting it up and trying it out. For me, this option is definitely "Plan B" if PG Music's support team does nothing to try to improve the way that RB implements the BiaB algorithm, which I certainly hope doesn't happen. But if this does happen, my understanding from when I read Pipeline's post about the use of two instances of BiaB's VST plugin with Tracktion is that it would provide more control over how the BiaB algorithm is implemented because of the ability to split a long song into two sections at a location other than the 240/241 bar boundary by opening two separate .XML files (exported from MuseScore) and also to disable the "Ending" function for the first section and the "Lead in" function for the section. Theoretically, this would result in both sections of the song to be stitched together more seamlessly than they are when RB is used for the entire song. After all, the noticeable existence of an audio "seam" (erroneous chord change and possible glitch) at the 240/241 boundary is why I started this discussion.

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