RB can interpret them.

Thanks for the suggestion, silvertones. I may try that with my next song, but I doubt that RB's chord interpretation will match the chords that I've come up with from my own analysis of the melody and experimentation on my guitar. Even after I've figured out all the chords to my songs (I do that last after I've written the melody and lyrics and entered them into MuseScore), my producer will always recommend a few chord changes at various locations in my songs. Sometimes, he recommends that I change a melodic section to eliminate a chord or two or to change a strong chord progression to a weak one (or vice-versa), as he did with the last song I gave him.
The melody wave is probably better because the synth in the notation program. Change the synth in RB to something better than the awful wave table.

That's a great idea! I don't know how to do that, but I can check the manual. This would eliminate a recurring step and save me some time.
I assume your song is a complete score in the notation program.

Yep, it sure is. That's where I put most of my effort in the beginning of the songwriting process for precise documentation of the melody and lyrics to my songs because I'm not a singer. This reduces the amount of time I have to spend prepping my songs in BiaB.

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