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Even without a fix for the glitches. BIAB/RB will work perfectly for you. Just not the present way you use them. You can still create your song using MuseScore to make and use an XML file. You can still provide him with a MIDI file, the lead sheet and lyric sheet and a BIAB/RB rendered MP3 file along with the MP4. You can also give him full length individual MP3 tracks of any BIAB/RB generated track such as the bass, fingerpicked guitar and strumming guitar as you did on this recent project. You can do this with any BIAB/RB instrument and including as many tracks as you want.

Regarding your producer requesting changes and edits, you can not only send him a new midi file, but also all of the other tracks your furnished him updated with the edits. You can literally do these type edits in minutes not hours using overdubbing and Punch In/Out techniques and arranging your song in logical sections. Were I doing it, I would generate an audio file for whichever specific section that contains the edit in BIAB and export that audio file and then copy/paste the edited audio to replace the original audio section in RB. The whole file does not have to be regenerated. Either RB or BIAB will crossfade the entry and ending bars into the adjoining original bars seamlessly.

Conceptually speaking, I understand what you're saying and mostly agree with you. The main reason it was taking me hours to prep my last song for my producer during one particular week back in March or April is that I had decided to create eight different versions of that song because we hadn't decided yet on the bpm (125 or 130), whether or not to use a capo, and whether or not to have a key change for the last chorus. Four of them were short versions and the other four were full-length versions. For both sets of versions, two were at 125 bpm, and two were at 130 bpm. For each set of bpm versions, one was in the key of G with a capo on the second fret, and the other was in the key of A without a capo. IOW, they were all effectively in the same key but had different chords. Then for both sets of the long versions, two had a key change for the last chorus, and the other two didn't. Editing each version in MuseScore took the least amount of time. The steps that consumed the most time were BiaB's audio file creation process for each version (several minutes each), ActivePresenter's video file creation process (several more minutes each), and the time it took me to reconstruct the four full length versions of this song in Tracktion (five to ten minutes each).

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