Well, I said was "What I'm hoping for is that BIAB with no type of input other than the instruments of a Style plays clearly and renders clearly."

And we got to "Clear as a bell."

We almost made it! We have clear sound playing but not when the song is rendered.

I reviewed all the posts in this thread last night focusing on any remarks addressing the noise.

With that said, what's next?

Time and money will eventually fix your PC and get it to play nicely with BIAB/RB. With the information you've provided me, I can tell you ways to possibly bypass the noise issue with rendering BIAB you presently have but nothing I say will fix the problem or actually address it in any way. It should bypass the noise and allow you to record clear audio tracks and mixes.

Try this first.
Open and load a song into BIAB
Play it to ensure it's playing cleanly
Open Audacity and set the input to record Stereo Mix
Play the BIAB song and check that Audacity is monitoring the sound
Press record in Audacity to begin recording
Press play to start the BIAB song

This should record clean audio. It records in real time but you can record either individual tracks, a mix or both according to your needs.

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