Hi everyone, checking in with an update. I've continued to track down the problems I've mentioned here. The static has been isolated to my speakers, and they seem to have the power to corrupt even commercial CDs, yikes!! But luckily the problem is solved with headphones, so I know that replacing the speakers will solve that component. Unfortunately we've so far been unable to solve whatever on earth is wrong with my Utility Tracks and I'm waiting for a return email from the support department.

Being unable to use the Utility Tracks properly makes it pretty hard to work on my music in BIAB, although it is kind of fun writing MIDI notation in my test song as I work out the parameters of the problem, and it does give me practice in writing in the editable notation window. Kinda wish there was a score window (not piano roll, but like sheet music) so I could write multiple parts at once, but hey, that's what MuseScore is for.

I have to say that I don't feel near so incompetent now that I know this inability to complete a song is actually a software glitch and not operator error. I shared that one MP3 rendering I managed to make (before the problems got started), and my friend was amazed at "the lush sound." She loved it, which thrilled me--isn't it the best feeling when someone loves your song?

Once we get my Utility Tracks working properly again I'll go back to it and get the song finished, then move on to the next one. Thank you for all the help you've offered. The questions y'all have asked me have helped me to understand how to track down these problems. It's definitely affecting the Melody, Soloist, and Utility Tracks--anywhere I try to use MIDI, either imported or written directly into the notation window. Interestingly, it also won't let me edit any BIAB MIDI tracks--pretty sure I've seen tutorials where a MIDI style got edited. So anyhow, we'll see what happens next week, and in the meantime I wish you all well. May your weekend be filled with happiness and music!! **smiling**

Love is always worth the risk.

HP laptop; Windows 10 Home 64 bit; core i5; 2.40 Ghz; 8 GB RAM; 256 GB hard drive; BIAB 2021 Build 835.