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Paul McCartney plays guitar and bass right- or left-handed and tuned rightside up or upside down. That's impressive. When I saw the opening of the 2015 version, I thought "Man, this guy is just as impressive." For other reasons of course. Loved it right through to the rose garden. You guys are surely one of the most entertaining treasures this forum has to offer.

Both of the videos were entertaining, and you're right about the later one being more so, but the old birthday one was much more touching. A real treasure. It was interesting to read the differences in your lyrics.

"Your such sweet stuff, Baby. I'm ready for an overdose." That says it all, Stefan, so keep sending us anything you got in your vault.

Dear Marty,

your comments always chase any dark clouds off my head - thank you so much.

Well, I guess you know by now that that left-handed bass playing was a trick: I just mirrord the respective take (like comparably often do in the videos). My bass abilities have in general become really poor... About 15 years ago I relly dived into it and couldn't get enough of that fabulous James Jamerson playing. But when I reherarsed "For Once In My Life" and even more difficult "I Was Made to Love Her" (I've adore both songs aöö my life!) for months and still couldn't play them flawlessly I was pretty frustrated and kinf of gave up 'bass struggling'.

But I'm still a great fan of every nice bass playing (BTW: I do like your style a lot!) -I guess you haven't seen these amazing ladies from North Korea (!!!!) - amazing:


All the best and stay safe - the pandemic isn't yet over.