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The Barbershop Quartet
Volume 1 & 2

Sing along to "the songs that made America a singing nation"

The Barbershop Quartet is a professional, fully featured music program containing all-time favorite Barbershop songs and an interactive multimedia history of Barbershop singing in America. We've recorded each voice (tenor, lead, baritone and bass) on a separate track, allowing you to listen to each part independently. Powerful multimedia features let you study the arrangements, hear the music, and sing along with a top Barbershop Quartet. Made with the assistance of the Barbershop Harmony Society (formerly SPEBSQSA), the leading authority of Barbershop in America, this interactive program contains nearly an hour of high quality vocal music plus a fascinating history of Barbershop quartets and 'the songs that made America a singing nation'. With seamlessly integrated MultiTrack audio, MIDI, chord symbols, lyrics, and music notation, The Barbershop Quartet turns a typical sound card equipped PC into a vocal performance powerhouse.

Hours of beautiful listening music!

Play The Barbershop Quartet through your computer speakers for hours of listening enjoyment. Playback continues in the background of other programs so you can listen to your favorite music while you work. Select your own playlist of favorite songs, or let the program automatically play the entire library. All you need is a personal computer and a love of close harmony singing!

Histories, Biographies and More!

Read about the history of Barbershop singing in captivating detail. Learn about the origins of close harmony singing and how it became the Barbershop style. Discover a wealth of information about the history of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America (SPEBSQSA), the growth of competitions, and famous quartets from the early days through to modern champions.

Learning vocal parts has never been easier!

  • Separate audio vocal tracks for each part (soprano, alto, tenor and bass).
  • Solo, mute, combine and mix the singing tracks independently.
  • Transpose the music to the key of your choice.
  • Focus on any section with the versatile loop feature.
  • Slow parts down for further study with the 1/2 time feature.
  • Choose vocal and/or instrumental playback.
  • Print all the parts as a full-size 4-part study score.

Versatile Multimedia Features:

  • Control audio playback with the Mini-Mixer window.
  • Transpose or change tempo 'on the fly.'
  • Jump to any position in the song.
  • Jukebox mode for continuous play.
  • Mark and play your favorite songs.
  • Adjust Volume, Panning settings for individual parts.
  • Split the Piano into Right and Left hand parts automatically.
  • Play along with the performance in real time on any instrument.

The Barbershop Quartet Includes:

  • Over 20 songs per volume
  • Performer Biographies
  • Inspiring photographs
  • And more...
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