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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
It would be great if, when you do chord changes on 1 and 4 (like: A - - D | A - - D | etc), and you're using a swing style it would play that style up to the change on 4. So it would be: (funky pattern) 1 2 3 (change-hold) on 4. Because currently it goes: (funky pattern) 1 2 (hold) 3 (change-hold) 4. It completely kills the groove of any shuffle pattern. Just let it buck until it gets to the change on 4.
Jump to new posts Re: A new session musician service I will try by Janice & Bud @ Yesterday at 10:39 AM

I hear BiaB has some fine session musicians I love it when a friend asks who was playing on that track? Oh, it was John Jarvis or Brent Mason or Andy Leftwich!, etc. Say what ... you have Grammy winners on your album? Yep! J&B
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Jump to new posts Re: Never Bring The Sorrow by Birchwood @ Yesterday at 07:43 AM

Hi Peter and Leon, A joyful song in a dark year. That gives a good feeling for everyone! I almost missed it on the crowdy forum. If you miss some days you miss a lot! Very atmospheric, with the congas and the harmonica playing softly in it. I enjoyed listening and there was only one tiny problem; it was too short... Hans
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Ember, Stefan, Thanks for listening. Glad you enjoyed it.
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Jump to new posts Re: Where Is Justice by CaptainMoto @ Yesterday at 07:30 AM

Misha, Thanks for the feedback.
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Originally Posted By: BabuMusicA wonderful story, and a captivating presentation, musiclover (you wear the moniker so well!). Man, I can hear this song being sung by the whole crowd swinging their mugs in the air. I'm in. Hey Marty, Good to hear from you, with all this singing and drinking I think we are well on our way to being unsteady on our feet by now..:) its great that you enjoyed the listen, many thanks.
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Brian, This is a lovely little worship song that would fit well into any church service. Nice arrangement, good vocals, lyrics and harmonies. A pleasure to listen to.
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Originally Posted By: Charlie FogleAs Dan noted, the section marker is the reason for bar 33 being out of the normal sequence. There are several alternatives to change what bar 33 does besides unchecking the option. . If you don't require the drum fill at bar 33, remove the part marker. . If you don't require the full measure of that passing B chord, remove the chord from beat 1 of Bar 33 and place it on beat 3 of Bar 32 then delete Bar 33. To create those three blank spaces somewhere else,
Best of YouTube
Oh yes, that staccato horn work was just so good. Combined with the brilliant polyrhythms, such music was so ahead of its time. Genius, absolutely.
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Jump to new posts Re: Spring back, Fall forward. by Darren Ross @ 10/23/20 10:38 PM

Thank you for listening, yes i would love to add lyrics and vocals but it's not my strong point i guess, i am always up for collaborating with lyricists and vocalists, thanks again all the best.
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Jump to new posts Re: tube amp problem by MarioD @ 10/23/20 07:45 PM

Originally Posted By: Jim FogleMario, cool photo. Still have the double neck? Did your right sleeve ever catch any of the hardware mounted on the switch plate between the necks? No I do not have that guitar. And no my sleeve never caught switch. What I liked about that guitar is that I could have both necks active at the same time. I use to play Dueling Banjos go back and forth between the necks. But the guitar was very heavy and almost impossible to play sitting down do to the shape of th
Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
Jump to new posts Re: Loop Picker - Endings & Holds Options by VideoTrack @ 10/23/20 07:07 PM

Sounds like a very reasonable request. +1
Beginners Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Can't find DragDrop folder by Ember - PG Music @ 10/23/20 05:42 PM

As has been previously mentioned here, if you are are Windows user you will find this folder typically in C:\bb\DragDrop. However, if you are running from an external HD you will want to check that specific drive under the bb folder for the DragDrop folder. If you're on Mac, it should be under Applications\Band-in-a-Box\DragDrop. If for some reason your DragDrop folder is missing, you can easily create one by right clicking on an empty space either in the File Explorer within the BB folder and r
Band-in-a-Box for Windows
Pretty cool stuff. I have used a lot of couscous from north Africa when I lived in France. I was not aware that it was also something that was coming from Israel. As we have a lot of great fish here in Florida where I live, this would be something I could easily cook. Tasty looking stuff and nice presentation. Cheers, Billy
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Jump to new posts Re: It Won't Be Long by PeterF @ 10/23/20 05:00 PM

Ed, Nice production and a heartfelt engaging vocal. A very nice gospel tune. Peter
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Jump to new posts Re: Should I Keep Goin on this Song? by PeterF @ 10/23/20 04:38 PM

Sounds good to me - look forward to hearing the finished product. Peter
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Originally Posted By: Janice & BudLove that slinky slow shuffle/swing feel. The entire production exudes SOPHISTICATION. Greg, you without fail shine with this breed of song and Al, you are the man at putting instrumental BiaB tracks together. Tracks that invariably sound like a well honed band. A band that is perfecto for the engaging lyric and melody. No need to further parse. Hi bar pro level stuff happening here! J&B Thanks so much J and B!! You guys do some STELLAR stuff!
And therein lies one of the biggest challenges of all near real time communication. One does not have control over the network path. The path can and does change. The amount of traffic changes the latency among many other parameters. Latency will be different through a 4700 Cisco router than a Cisco switch for example. Some experiments have been done in England between remote users who are connected to what I assume is private university networks which address some of the control issues. Nonet
My favorite part - "I always relate them (scales) to the closest minor scale in my head .. if there is anything in my head" //I added the (scales) part .. just for clarity// That's an interesting statement to me, as I also think of some scales as "OK, it's this scale with a different note" .. so I'm one of the weird ones that can relate to that. Bugs the crap out of some musicians I work with. I have a theory that anyone who can discuss music theory is a bit different tha
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Jump to new posts Re: Boogie Man Blues by CaptainMoto @ 10/23/20 01:14 PM

Thanks Ardent, "Playfully Spooky" got it!
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: Help with writing a song by Jim Fogle @ 10/23/20 12:49 PM

Greetings ttousley! Welcome to the forum and to Band-in-a-Box for Mac. Go to Preferences > Preferences 2. There are two choices at the bottom of the left column for you to uncheck: "Show Custom Track Labels and Descriptions" & "Auto-Generate Track Labels". Removing the check marks for those two choices will make Band-in-a-Box use the original track names.
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Jump to new posts Re: Love Will Win by EdZ314 @ 10/23/20 11:19 AM

Very nicely done. I could imagine this song being in the soundtrack of a popular movie, perhaps a romance or a drama. The vocals by Maggie are excellent. There is a quality of poignancy in the voice that is very appealing.
Band-in-a-Box for Macintosh
Jump to new posts Re: VST scan = crashes on mac BIAB 2020 by philty @ 10/23/20 11:08 AM

if I remember well, trash in prefs folder of BIAB "Band-in-a-Box Preferences_X86" or all prefs if it don't works and you 'll can start again. I didn't have enough time to find the VST plug that cos crash, I disable all and when I'll have time I will activate vst one by one...
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Jump to new posts Re: Overwhelmed by sslechta @ 10/23/20 10:53 AM

David, I saw that you said you had seen most of the tutorials already but here's the direct link to all the BIAB MAC videos for you to peruse in case you didn't catch all that you wanted. Enjoy! Video Tutorials: Band-in-a-Box® for Mac
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Jump to new posts Re: T-Rex Classic by Deryk - PG Music @ 10/23/20 06:20 AM

Yes!! T. Rex has always been criminally underrated (to me, at least) - seems nobody in any circle I've come across my age is familiar with them. But I grew up with their music, and it always surprised me they don't have as large a young audience as some of their contemporaries from around the same time. This takes me back. Had lots of this stuff playing in the house while I grew up. 20th Century Boy and Deborah are classics too. Thanks for sharing
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