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Jump to new posts Re: *New Song* Oh My Lord - Bluegrass Americana by Greg Johnson @ 11/11/18 05:07 PM

Great vibe......very emotional!! That fiddle is EXACTLY what is needed for this song....perfect. Love the drums too. This is such a cool song, and so well produced and mixed! Vocals shine as usual! Maybe my new fave of yours Rob!! Take care. Greg
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Jump to new posts Re: The Older We Get, The Better We Were by Greg Johnson @ 11/11/18 04:34 PM

Originally Posted By: floyd janeStefan, A very clever song (again). Very well produced and very well mixed. The video is really well done. A lot of fun to watch. (the drum parts were impressive!). Really enjoyed that. fj Yes, that was a treat!! Very well done song and video! Sax may have been a little too frenetic...I too have found a hard time finding the right sax sometimes in BIAB. Great job!! Take care. Greg
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Jump to new posts Re: Sun Forest by Greg Johnson @ 11/11/18 04:29 PM

SWEEEEEEEET!!! Never played with the melodist but this works great Eric. Nice playing!! Take care. Greg
Jump to new posts Re: 80s pop music sounds by Will Josef @ 11/11/18 04:19 PM

I recently bought the V collection from Arturia. Included is a perfect sounding DX7 - now as a soft synth. And much, much easier to program than the original. Take a listen:
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Jump to new posts Re: Weed by Will Josef @ 11/11/18 04:09 PM

Cool track! Like many others my first thoughts were Santana and Gilmour... not a bad duo to be inspired from. Thank you for sharing, Will
Jump to new posts Re: Why won't Sforzando play BIAB strings? by Mike Head @ 11/11/18 03:46 PM

Hi Marty If you mean your through voice is not the track selected voice. Have you checked your Options/preferences/midi Thru make sure there is a tick in Track Specific. This way you should hear the track voice when you play your keyboard. I have written quite a long article about this sort of thing in Realband you may find some of this helpful Extract from article For simple every day use I would set my midi settings to Route MIDI playback to my default Dxi/Vst synth. And this is fine if tha
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Jump to new posts Re: Bar Lyrics - 3rd Verse by Jim Fogle @ 11/11/18 03:44 PM

Hello zJamesAdams, Welcome to the PG Music forum! Are you using Band-in-a-Box, RealBand, Mac or Windows operating system, 2018 or earlier program? How to enter lyrics varies somewhat depending on the answers to these questions. We can better help you by providing a little more information. Until then, +++ HERE +++ is a link to the PG Music videos. Click on the tab for the program you have and then you can search that page for a video about how to enter lyrics.
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Jump to new posts Re: Life is Wonderful by Will Josef @ 11/11/18 03:38 PM

funkycornwall, John and Tano Music. Thanks for you nice comments. Much appreciated! @John Yes, I noticed the digital click after I uploaded the track, but I'm not a pro-member of SoundCloud, so I don't think I can replace the track... at least I don't know how to do it being a non-paying member. @Tano Music I agree with you that repetitive music sometimes can be great to listen to, it can put you in certain meditative state of mind - I think that is why Ravel's Bolero or Phillip Glass' music
Woodshedding - Learning to Play!
This is one of the best instructional videos I've ever watched. Lots of good advice for any musician to follow when learning something new, not just guitar players. For guitar players you'll never find a better instructional video that provides clear, step-by-step instructions for how to learn to thumbpick. +++ Video Link +++
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Jump to new posts Re: Freezing bars by Rustyspoon# @ 11/11/18 02:09 PM

Thank you! I will forward this thread to him.
Jump to new posts Re: Craigslist Opportunity by MarioD @ 11/11/18 01:05 PM

Originally Posted By: eddie1261Originally Posted By: MarioDI just checked our Craigslist and I found out that my wife is trying to give me away! My last wife took me to a swingers party and I found out later that she had to add cash.....
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Jump to new posts Re: Question about sounds included with Mixcraft by Larry Kehl @ 11/11/18 12:17 PM

Your original post, in this thread, was what do the SOUNDS included with Mixcraft sound like. You don't need to learn Mixcraft to hear the sounds for yourself. All you need is a (maybe few different types pop, classical, jazz,) GM MIDI file thus avoiding having to learn how to assign instruments to parts in Mixcraft (it's dirt simple but no need to get side-tracked on leaning even that much) Again download the free trail of Mixcraft then: -install it, -run it, -then under File - > P
Help! Tech S.O.S (Off topic)
Hi All, Many thanks for the help with the (very detailed) MIDI info. I'm going to have do a bit more background as it looks like I do need to get some more understanding with all the above, before having a second look. Once again - many thanks for your help!
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Jump to new posts Re: Biab MultiRiffs an Easier Way by Pipeline @ 11/11/18 09:59 AM

You mute the track where a riff ends then generate the next track to play from there this will work the same way that BB generates a whole track. If track 1 plays good until bar 19 you F5 mute @ 19 and freeze it now you can leave track 1 soloed (and the Audio track) now solo track 2 as well, track 2 will be F5 mute @ 1 so now we F5 back to normal @ 19 hit play generate until we get it to flow and fit from track 1 bar 18 to track 2 bar 19 and on until a good section of playing ends and a bad bi
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Thanks Al and Di. I often hesitate to mention the many famous musician friends that I have known. Their numbers are dwindling. I met many who were entertaining at the NCO Clubs in Germany. I found most of them to be friendly and approachable. AddenDumb: Having jammed countless times with Bob Zimmerman (Dylan) in HS (c1957-58) may have helped me a bit but my long friendship with the late Nokie Edwards (of Ventures fame) led to meeting dozens of top guitarists, too many to name. I got out of t
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Jump to new posts Re: scanning PDF to MIDI by fiddler2007 @ 11/11/18 09:41 AM

Originally Posted By: Matt FinleyI found that immediately on Google. Very pretty!! It will be most effective if you have that second part with it. I’m guessing by the low range that it’s a viola. Lovely drone part to start, moving into counterpoint. The chords are not there (only two tones) but are easily inferred if you want to have other instruments play it in BIAB. Do you have the skills to do that? And one drum hit at the end ? Funny. Well, i was doing it as an experiment, sort off
Jump to new posts Re: Bohemian Rhapsody movie and Freddie's voice. by Ember - PG Music @ 11/11/18 08:58 AM

Originally Posted By: jfordSaw the movie today. Pretty clear there was a fair amount of artistic license taken, but a great movie nonetheless and the music is excellent. There definitely was. It was interesting that they wanted to make it "family friendly" considering how Freddie's life wasn't exactly kid friendly. I was curious how they would handle some of the darker/harder aspects of Freddie's life, and a lot of the choices were definitely made in an effort to make it more cinema
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Jump to new posts Re: I've no words by Chris37 @ 11/11/18 08:22 AM

Thanks Tom, I don't speak English very well, I don't sing very well but it was a challenge for me to do this because I like blues very much. Christian
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Jump to new posts keyboard riffs you can practice by pghboemike @ 11/11/18 08:00 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: Big Wish: Specific BIAB genre purchases by JohnJohnJohn @ 11/11/18 07:52 AM

Originally Posted By: DeaconBlues09With all due respect to OP and all the others who stand by her position, I think this is a terrible idea for a number of reasons (I don't have the time to explore fully at the moment). One of the main reasons is that once that Pandora's Box is open, we will be nickle-and-dimed to DEATH. Each genre will be broken into a half dozen sub-genres, which will then in turn be bundled in groups and sold as genre-specific Multi-Paks" for $40 each. Instead of the
Jump to new posts nice product getting started presentation by pghboemike @ 11/11/18 07:05 AM thoughts on a similar one for biab/rb??
If you are using Windows, you can download ThinkToy from Microsoft. It can synchronize data files from your C drive to an external with a couple of mouse clicks. At the end of a session, run it, and it will see which files have been either added or changed on the C drive and make the adjustments on the external drive. It also puts overwritten files in the recycle bin. Handy app. Insights and incites by Notes
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Jump to new posts Re: Midi to Audio by rharv @ 11/11/18 06:23 AM

Old school trick - Another option to get windows to sound different is to replace the gm.dls file in your Windows\system32\drivers folder. That's where windows itself gets the sounds. Editor/Translators like Vienna and ChickenSystems usually allow getting a font or other sound file to the DLS format. Back in the day there weren't as many options as we have now.
Jump to new posts Re: Digital Piano recommendaton? by Charlie Fogle @ 11/11/18 04:56 AM

I'm a "chord hack" like David in his post above mine. That being said, I have friends that are very serious keys players. Both own multiple keyboards from different manufacturers. Both settled on playing Yamaha PSR-910 series keyboards as their main daily player. I was the original owner of one and sold it to one of these guys and he's used it daily since he bought it from me. He prefers the piano voices and feel of a Roland he owns but chooses the Yamaha for it's versatility, siz
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C2, C5, C4, C69, C7alt, Cm7#5
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