When I want to add MIDI instruments from a BIAB style to an RB project, I don't like having to sample a bunch of different styles to find a part I like. It requires searching for and loading one style after another in order to test the parts.

But I've found there are certain parts I like and I keep going back to them. So I've used the HYBRID STYLE MAKER to create styles that combine the same favorite instrument from many styles into one place. I end up with custom styles named something like STRINGS1, strings2, pianos1, painos2, pads1 etc

Then when I want to add a particular instrument, I only have to load one style, and all of the parts in that style are the same instrument. It's a little more work up front creating the specialty styles, but its a lot less work later when I'm in the creative zone and I don't want to break the right-brain bubble by going into left brain mode to search for stuff.

Last edited by Pat Marr; 08/20/11 07:05 AM.