Would like to make my plans creating UserTracks(UT's) to continue
for some time. As title sehs' quantity does not make quality.
Some number of early efforts are Eh...Eh...workable but?

I MUST have some kind of feedback.
63 UT's was not a goal by any means.
Within reason there could be 100-200 or many more of these UT's.

Private Messages, or Emails would be just fine.
Your response would be private.

Your privacy will be honored.
I do take note of the number of the views you folks are giving all UT postings.
A friend told me to do that....

This would help a great deal for me.
1. Are you able to bring a UT into one of your styles?
If not let me know and I'll make every effort to help or guide you.

2. Are you able to create "Viable" music using some of these styles?
If so let me at least know your using them.

3. By contacting me post, private message, and/or email you feed my efforts
to create the UT's.

4. If using UserTrack/s is flat out overwhelming you, I will try to help.

5. What does Seeker get out of this...
Great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment to "even" think a piece of my work
"may" contribute to other folks music.

As I mentioned to Dr.Gannon on a early effort.
Just want to work and share what has been created.

I do not have the intense music training of many of you.
What seeker can offer is his techie background with moderate knowledge of
music creation and sounds.

An finally the wordy post will end with this.
Dr. Peter Gannon, and the outstanding staff(people) that support him have
given us almost magical tools of music.

The UT's are not easy, but can be just one of many tools.

My above requests are sorta like "Feed the Pig" TV commercials.
What you put into the bank, in the long run will help.

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