With RealBand 2016 you can render an audio track (a highlighted section or the whole track) as a .WAV file and save it to the UserTracks folder!

To use this feature in RealBand, select a track or a section of the track and go to menu Render | Save as UserTracks (highlighted section or whole track). This will open the Save as UserTracks dialog. If you are creating a new UserTracks, select the "Create new UserTracks" option and type in the new name. If you want to add to the existing UserTracks folder, select the "Add to Existing UserTracks" option and press the [Choose Folder Name…] button.

UserTracks allow you to create your own audio styles - you can make your own RealTracks! And, just like RealTracks, UserTracks will play with that chord progression! For example, if you've made your own UserTrack by recording yourself playing a guitar groove, you can then type any chords into Band-in-a-Box, and the result will be that it will play your guitar groove over these completely new, original chord changes!

To learn more about UserTracks, visit www.pgmusic.com/usertracks1.htm.