*This was posted in another thread, but it got suggested to me to put it in the tips, sorry if you already read it..

I do A/B comparisons for checking mixes and masters by loading a few versions of a song into PT on seperate tracks using the 'import wav file' command. Import them all at 1-1-0.

Then by hitting the solo button I can simply select each track as PT plays them all.
This way I can instantly A/B two, three or even more seperate mastered or mixxed versions.
When the solo button is invoked you just hilight track 1, then hilight track 2, while it's still playing along, then 3, etc. Instant comparisons as long as the sliders of all tracks are even (I keep them maxed at this point) you get exact A/B comparisons at any point in the song very quickly..

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