28. Can I import and play MIDI files with Band-in-a-Box®?

Yes, Band-in-a-Box® will import and play entire MIDI files, and there are a number of other ways that you can use MIDI files with Band-in-a-Box®. However, Band-in-a-Box® isn't a dedicated MIDI file sequencer. If your goal is to import a MIDI file and view/edit each instrument on a separate track in its original form, you would be better off using PowerTracks Pro Audio. Band-in-a-Box® is mainly intended to be used as an intelligent arranger and the ways that you normally use MIDI files with Band-in-a-Box® reflect this.

  • Starting with Band-in-a-Box® 2004, you can import and play an entire MIDI file by using File | Open MIDI file(F7). Band-in-a-Box® will import the MIDI file into the Melody track, convert the Melody track to a multi-channel track so that it can play more than one instrument, and automatically disable the style (accompaniment).

  • You can use File | Import Chords from MIDI. Band-in-a-Box® will interpret the chords from your MIDI file and write these in the Chord Sheet window, and will also import one or more instruments (usually the Melody and Solo) to the Melody and/or Soloist tracks. Once you do this, you have the chord symbols and Melody, and you can select a style that you want to use to create an accompaniment.

  • You can import any part of a MIDI file into the Melody track by using Melody | Edit Melody Track | Import Melody from MIDI file. Usually this feature is used to import only the melody from a MIDI file. If you import more than one instrument to the Melody track this way, you will want to switch the Melody track to a multi-channel track by going to the Melody menu and selecting the 'Track type'.

  • You can use the Style Wizard (Styles | Style Wizard) to create a complete Band-in-a-Box® style based on your MIDI file.

Alyssa - PG Music