44. How can I return Band-in-a-Box® to the factory settings?

Returning to factory settings can help troubleshoot odd and unexplainable problems you are having with the program. You must have Band-in-a-Box® closed when you do this.

Band-in-a-Box® saves all the settings files in the /Band-in-a-Box®/Preferences folder, which makes it easy to save a particular configuration, or return the program to factory settings. It is a feature of Band-in-a-Box® that it is "self-contained" in it's own folder, and doesn't need to rely on files scattered around your hard drive (with the exception of the PG Music Font Suitcase, which is in the /Libary/Fonts folder).

For example, if you want to restore Band-in-a-Box® to factory settings while keeping your current settings backed up, you can:

  1. Close Band-in-a-Box®. Open the Band-in-a-Box® folder and duplicate the Preferences subfolder. To duplicate a folder, you can select it and press Command+D. Name it "Preferences OLD" (the exact name doesn't matter).
  2. Open the "Preferences" folder, and trash all the files within it. To do this, you can press Command-A (select all), then Comand-Delete (move to trash). It doesn't matter if you delete the "AboutPrefsFolder.txt" file.
  3. Band-in-a-Box® is now at the default settings. You will need to reset your MIDI drivers etc. the next time you run the application. If you want to restore your previous settings in the future, rename your "Preferences Old" folder to "Preferences".

Note that the menu item MIDI | Return to Factory Settings accomplishes the same thing as deleting the file Intrface_X86.BBW. This may help with the problem you're trying to solve, but it isn't a complete reset, and doesn't allow you to save your previous settings.

Here is a short explanation about some files that Band-in-a-Box® uses to store settings:

  • MYSETUP.DK. This file contains the settings in dialogs such as MIDI | MIDI Settings (MIDI channels, patches, volumes, reverb, chorus, bank), MIDI | Make General MIDI Patch Map, MIDI | Set Favourite Patches/Combos, and MIDI | Edit Drum Kit
  • Band-in-a-Box® Preferences_X86. This file includes information about your MIDI drivers and ports.
  • Intrface2_X86.BBW. This file contains most of the other global settings, such as settings in the Edit | Preferences dialogs, and your song and style favourite lists.
  • DEFAULTM.ALI. This file includes information about style aliases.

Alyssa - PG Music