68. What are the green lines underneath some of the RealTracks at the top of the main screen? What do N and Gt stand for in the RealTracks window?

Green underlines underneath the track names at the top of the main Band-in-a-Box® screen tell you if the RealTrack instrument assigned to that track has RealCharts. RealCharts means that the notation window will display full notation for that instrument.

A half underline means that it will display notation: RealChart notation

A full underline means that it will display notation, and will also display accurate guitar playing. For these RealTracks, you can look in the Guitar Fretboard window and see exactly how it was played on the guitar. RealChart Tab

The "Assign RealTracks" window, which you get to by control-clicking on a track and selecting Choose RealTracks, will tell you if an instrument has RealCharts available. Underneath the 'Ntn' column, N means that the instrument shows notation, and Gt means that it also shows accurate guitar playing.

Alyssa - PG Music