69. What is the difference between a 'RealTracks Style', a 'Style with RealTracks', and a 'RealStyle'?

The terms "RealTracks Style" or "RealTracks Instrument" are usually used to refer to one particular RealTracks instrument, that can be assigned to any Band-in-a-Box® track (Bass, Piano, Guitar, etc.) by control-clicking on the track. An example is "Sax, Tenor, Jazz Sw 140". This is Tenor Sax playing in a swing feel, recorded at a tempo of 140 BPM.

A 'Style with RealTracks' refers to a Band-in-a-Box® .STY style file, where at least one of the instruments is a RealTracks instrument. STY files can be all MIDI (MIDI bass, guitar, piano, strings etc.), or can have any combination of MIDI + RealTracks + RealDrums. Styles with RealTracks have been hard-coded to use RealTracks in the StyleMaker. You can identify them because they have an = (equals sign) prefix. e.g. =MyStyle.STY

A 'RealStyle' is a Style with RealTracks (i.e. STY file) that has no MIDI parts at all. You can identify them because they have an _ (underscore) prefix. e.g. _MyStyle.STY.

It is similar for RealDrums. A 'RealDrums style' usually refers to something like 'JazzBrushes', 'CountrySwing' etc., while 'Style with RealDrums' refers to a Band-in-a-Box® .STY file where the Drum track has been hard-coded to use a specific RealDrums style. Styles with RealDrums can be identified because they have a - (minus sign) prefix. e.g. -MyStyle.STY. These ones don't use any RealTracks instruments.

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