21. How can I print out the songs in the Master Blues Piano Solos with the Right and Left Hand parts on the same page?

Applies to: Master Blues Piano Solos.

You can't print the left and right hands together from the Blues Piano Solos program itself. However, you can import the songs into another application such as Band-in-a-Box® or PowerTracks Pro Audio and print them out there, since the songs are standard MIDI files.

If you use PowerTracks Pro Audio:

  1. Choose File | Open, and locate the Blues Piano Solos folder. You will find the MIDI files in the bpsolos\data folder.
  2. Open one of the files. You should see each instrument on a separate track.
  3. Use the Tracks | Merge tracks command to merge the Piano track with the Melody track. The Piano track is the left hand, and the Melody track is the right hand.
  4. You can now print out the merged track showing both treble and bass clefs.

If you use Band-in-a-Box®:

  1. Go to Melody | Edit Melody Track | Import Melody from MIDI file. As explained above, locate and open a MIDI file from the bpsolos\data folder.
  2. Only import channels 3 and 4 and press OK.
  3. If you look at the Melody track in the Notation Window, you will see both LH and RH, and you can print this out. Make sure that in the Print Options dialogue, you have both treble and bass clef selected.

Alyssa - PG Music