37. Some of the notes do not display on the proper clef in the Notation Window.

Applies to: All MasterClass programs.

Go to File | Options, uncheck "Auto Hand-splitting", and close and re-open the program. With this setting enabled, the program uses an algorithm to attempt to determine which notes should be played by the left and right-hand. The "right-hand" notes are displayed on the treble clef and in Blue on the piano keyboard, and the "left-hand" notes are displayed on the bass clef and in Red on the piano keyboard. In some exercises/songs, notation is more accurately displayed if the setting is disabled.

Also, take note of the "clef split" setting in the Notation Window. This setting determines the split point for placing notes on the Bass or Treble clef, when the "Auto Hand-splitting" setting is disabled. The default setting is C5, which is middle C. For example, you can use a higher split point such as C6 if you want notes above middle C to be displayed on the bass clef with ledger lines, instead of on the treble clef.

Alyssa - PG Music