41. How do I display and print Eb charts for alto saxophone?

Applies to: Rock Saxophonist and Jazz Saxophonist.

To toggle between text and notation modes, press F2 or click the Notation button near the top left-hand side of the screen. There are two different notation modes available in these programs: Regular mode and MIDI Notation Mode. To enable MIDI Notation mode, press the [MIDI] button in the top right-hand toolbar. To disable it, press the [MIDI] button again.

MIDI Notation Mode

In MIDI notation mode, the Notation window displays MIDI notes for the selected track, assuming that a MIDI part was recorded for that particular track. MIDI Notation has certain advantages. One is that you can use the Notation Window Options dialog (OPT button) to visually transpose (in semitones) the notation to whatever key you would like. For example, for Alto Sax you could set it to -3 or 9. The MIDI Notation is set to concert pitch by default.

Regular Notation Mode

The lead sheets that you see on-screen are high quality bitmaps that are intended to look like what you would see in a fake book. The program also includes high resolution bitmaps that can be printed out.

Assuming you have Build 65 or higher of the program (check this by going to File | About...), you can set the 'Notation Bitmap Set' in File | Options | General to Eb Alto. Once you do this, Eb charts will print out. When you select File | Print you will be asked if you want to use the high resolution bitmaps for printing; answer "yes".


  • The Notation Bitmap setting does not affect the pitch of the music playback, only the key signature of the transcription notation set. Also, there are only on-screen bitmaps for C-Concert and B-flat tenor. The E-flat alto setting will print out the correct high resolution bitmap, but will only display to the screen the B-flat tenor part. Therefore, to follow along using the E-flat notation, print out the high resolution version.

  • If you purchased the program before 2004, you may have received a version of the program that runs from the CD. In other words, the CD is required to be in your CD drive for the program to work. In addition to the main program CD, you would have also received an Eb supplement CD. To use this CD, insert it into your drive, run the application, choose a song, and print it. The print-out will be the Eb chart of that song. Note that the Eb supplement is only used for printing Eb charts. You need to run the program from the main CD for it to function fully.

    We have now integrated Eb support with the main program. If you purchased the program recently you should have this feature automatically as described earlier. If not, download and install the latest update patch for the program to get this feature integrated. The latest updates can be downloaded from our Software Updates page. If you have a version of the program that runs from the CD, follow the instructions in FAQ 18 to copy the program to your hard drive, and then install the update.

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