45. Can I add my own MIDI files to the NoteZapper song list?

Applies to: NoteZapper

You can use your own custom or third party MIDI files in the program, as long as they have the following characteristics:

  • They must have a resolution of 120 PPQ.

  • They must be Type-1 MIDI files.

  • You can have a number of channels in your MIDI file, but only the notes that you have on channel 4 will show up on the screen. Channel 4 is considered to be the melody.

If your MIDI file does not have these characteristics, you can edit it in a MIDI sequencer such as our program PowerTracks Pro Audio. In PowerTracks, the resolution setting is in Options | Preferences | File. To save your song as a type-1 MIDI file, go to File | Save As and choose that file type in the pull-down. You can change the channel assignments for each track in the Tracks Window.

In NoteZapper, you can choose any MIDI file you have saved on your hard drive by going to the Type menu and selecting 'Custom Choice'. Alternatively, in the NoteZapper folder on your hard drive there are five folders with MIDI files in them: 01Kids Songs, 02Folk Songs, 03Classical, 04Pop-Jazz Songs, and 05Major Scale. You can place your MIDI file in one of these existing folders, and it will play when you choose that category in NoteZapper. You can also make your own categories by creating folders such as 06MySongs, 07Latin, and so on, making sure that you use the same numbering scheme in the folder name. The categories will then show up in NoteZapper after the program is restarted, and as long as you have MIDI files saved in those folders.

Alyssa - PG Music