47. When I set the Playback Media Type to AU/MIDI in the Multimedia Performance programs, audio and MIDI playback is out of sync.

Applies to: Multimedia Performance and Master Class programs, such as the Rock & Blues Guitarist, Jazz & Rock Saxophonist, Bach Chorales, Barbershop Quartet, and the Jazz Piano & Jazz Guitar MasterClass.

You are most likely using a software synthesizer that has a significant amount of latency, such as the Microsoft GS Wavetable or Roland VSC. You can check to see what MIDI output driver you are using by going to File | Options | MIDI Drivers.... You can correct the problem by going to File | Options | Audio, and adjusting the 'Synth Latency Offset' value. For the Microsoft GS Wavetable, try a setting of around 100 mS. The exact number will vary depending on your computer - you will need to experiment to get this exactly right. Basically, the 'Synth Latency Offset' setting will allow you to delay the audio output as much as you need to compensate for the MIDI synth latency.

Note that the 'Synth Output Latency' setting in the MIDI Driver Setup dialog is different - this setting is used to sync up the display (scrolling, highlighting) with what you hear. Normally it works to set this to the same as the Synth Latency Offset.

Alyssa - PG Music