Chapter 15: Reference is the final chapter of our Windows Band-in-a-Box® 2018 Online Manual, and includes information about the different menus within the program.

Let's take a look at the Options Menu topic:

MIDI/Audio driver setup
Where you will select your MIDI input and output drivers, choose your DXi, and access options for audio settings (such as ASIO drivers). There is more detailed information about this setup within the MIDI Setup or Audio Setup sections of the manual.

Use/Set ALTERNATE MIDI output driver for session
This option allows you to set a temporary MIDI Driver to use.

Return to Factory Settings
Because, sometimes you need to. This will give you the option to return MOST or ALL the settings to their default settings.

What Add-ons do I have?
Also available from the Help menu, this will tell you which Band-in-a-Box® Add-ons you have.
TIP: Feel like you're missing some Add-ons? Confirm your setup is complete by running the Download Manager.

Language Selection
Did you know that Band-in-a-Box® is available in other languages? Check out the complete language selection here.
Once installed, you can choose which language to run within this setting.

MIDI Patch Maps, etc.
There's a lot to cover here - definitely read through the detailed explanations for this option! Whether you want to update your default configuration, load alternate drum/patch files, display general MIDI patch numbers, or more - this is the menu for you!

GM Settings
Access some general MIDI settings within this menu, including panning to Mono/Stereo, converting patch lists, etc.

Set various settings that save with Band-in-a-Box® (a file called intrface.bbw) - including keyboard shortcuts, display settings, color options, RealTracks and RealDrums settings, overrides, and more!

Open Preferences File... / Save Preferences As...
Save and load custom preferences files with your current settings saved and restored.

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