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#499843 - 11/06/18 10:37 AM [User Showcase] The Book Of Love (Original Easter Hymn)(Im looking for a Choir To Sing This)
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Hugh2 Offline

Registered: 04/24/16
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Loc: Ireland
Hi All,
This is an Easter Hymn I wrote that I got recorded at a pro studio before I found Biab.
I wanted to add some realtracks to this Hymn to complete it but despite numerous efforts with the Chord Wizard i couldnt get any cohesion.If anyone has a suggestion for a realtrack either?
I made it for a Choir to sing and if anyone on BIAB is connected to a choir and would like to sing this I would be delighted.Let me know if you are or could help???
Also on youtube the title isnt too frequent but on soundcloud the name has been added to an amazing amount of songs im after finding out lol
Well ive had this song on my computer since 2015 and I think id like people to hear it.
It needs a little something else to move it along but if you like old fashioned hymn type songs you might like this urs Hugh

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#499910 - 11/06/18 03:17 PM [User Showcase] Re: The Book Of Love (Original Easter Hymn)(Im looking for a Choir To Sing This) [Re: Hugh2]
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Joe -PG Music Offline
PG Music Staff

Registered: 01/18/16
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Hello Hugh2, this is excellent! This is beautiful and I dig the overall timbres. Those strings really help piece it all together. Great reverb tone on the vocals. Looking forward to hear more!

#500000 - 11/07/18 06:53 AM [User Showcase] Re: The Book Of Love (Original Easter Hymn)(Im looking for a Choir To Sing This) [Re: Joe -PG Music]
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Hugh2 Offline

Registered: 04/24/16
Posts: 448
Loc: Ireland
Hi Joe,
Thanks for taking the time to listen.
Cant take full credit for the production,I had a guy who was into Irish music work on it for me as I didnt have the equipment or knowhow to do it at the time.We went over alot of things before we actually stripped back aload of stuff in the end and took the simple approach.The key to the song I think is that it rocks over and back with the beginning of sentence the same as the end as you see below

The Book Of Love
An Angel Handed Me A Book Of Love,A Book Of Love Is What He Handed Me
I Asked Him What This Book Could Be,The Book Of Love That He Handed Me
The Angel Said Take The Book And Look And See What This Book Could Be
I Took This Book Of Love With Me, To Look And See What This Book Of Love Could Be

When I Opened Up This Book Of Love,What I Saw,To My Surprize,Just Made Me Cry,
Inside,The Book,The Book Of Love
I Fell Down And Cried When I Looked Inside, The Book

When I Opened Up This Book Of Love, What I Saw ,With My Own Eyes,
That My Love Died ,
Inside ,The Book,The Book Of Love,
I Fell Down And Cried When I Looked And Saw Him Crucified

The Angel Wondered Why I Cried, Why Did My Love Die Was My Reply,
Inside,A Book,A Book Of Love Where Jesus Died The One I Loved,

Come And See,Come And See,Come And See,Come And See,
Come And See,
Come And See The Answer That I Have
Come And See.

The Angel Said Come And See,(To) See The Answer (That)He Has For Me ,
Inside,The Book,The Book Of Love ,Where Jesus Died The One That I Loved,

The Angel aid Look And My Spirit Soared, I Saw Jesus /HimRise,With My Own Eyes,
Inside,The Book,The Book Of Love
I Rose Up With Shouts Of /SUCH /oy When I Saw That My Love Was Alive ,

Sitting There By His Fathers Side,My Love Alive By His Fathers Side,
In Heaven My Joy Alive Once More , My Father Wrote In The Book For Me
A Book Of Love My Father Wrote, What He Wrote In The Book of Love For Me
He Did Not Spare The Word For Me,The Word Of God Not Spared For Me

#500040 - 11/07/18 10:37 AM [User Showcase] Re: The Book Of Love (Original Easter Hymn)(Im looking for a Choir To Sing This) [Re: Hugh2]
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Tangmo Offline

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This is, for want of a better word, amazingly pretty. I hope you can find your choir.
BIAB 2021 Audiophile. Windows 10 64bit. Songwriter, lyricist, composer(?) loving all styles. Some pre-BIAB music from Farfetched Tangmo Band's first CD.

#500055 - 11/07/18 11:45 AM [User Showcase] Re: The Book Of Love (Original Easter Hymn)(Im looking for a Choir To Sing This) [Re: Tangmo]
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Hugh2 Offline

Registered: 04/24/16
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Loc: Ireland
Hi Tangmo
Pretty is a great compliment to the song ,that's what I tried for thanks hugh

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