A Build 3 Update is available for RealBand Version 2019

Download the build 3 update

Summary of Changes since 2019 Build 2 (Jan 30)

  • Added: Ability to save a drum track as drum notation to XML. Will also be able to reload drum notation tracks from XML if they were saved by BBW or RealBand.
  • Fixed: Notation Window would show a large part of an extra bar when the screen is redrawn.
  • Fixed: Drum names would not show up properly in non-editable notation mode when the screen had micropegs anywhere in it.
  • Fixed: recording MIDI notes might result in forced accidentals being set for some notes.
  • Fixed: If the Bars Per Line in the Notation Window was previously set to 4, and you boot up RealBand and load in a song, then it could temporarily revert to 2 bars per line the first time that the song is played.

Summary of Changes since 2019 Build 1 (Dec 3)

  • Fixed - StylePicker was not clearing the need to rebuild.
  • Fixed - N-hotkey works the same in the Notation Windows as it does in Band-in-a-Box.

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