An update is available for Band-in-a-Box® Version 2019

Download the Band-in-a-Box 2019 Build 623 update (280 MB)

This is a cumulative update patch, which works from any 2019 build. VST DAW Plugin update to 1.13.5 is included in this patch.

Summary of changes for build 623 (March 7, 2019)

  • Fixed: The SongPicker might crash if clicking on a control when there is no song selected.
  • Fixed: Changing the Soloist track type to Drums did not work.
  • Fixed: Rendering errors with styles that had long medley & multi track names.
  • Fixed: The MIDI Monitor and Drums Window would not display in the language selected.
  • Improved: The VSTSynthFont64 performs faster when reverb is enabled.
  • Fixed: Holds not working properly for Piano, Electric, Rhythm Fusion styles
  • Fixed: PERCMARACASJOROPO68^_060 not found.

Summary of fixes for the VST DAW Plugin. (1.13.5)

  • Fixed: Quiet right channel when testing audio in standalone plugins
  • Fixed: DAW sync issue in Cakewalk
  • Fixed: DAW sync issue with non 4-bar song form
  • Added: Option in preferences for plugin playback in sync with DAW
  • Removed: Option in preferences to Keep BBW Open (no longer needed).
  • Added: Audio playback through DAW driver (sync option will highlight track in red when clicked)
  • Fixed: Bar highlighting starting at intro after first chorus

Summary of changes for build 622 (Feb 22, 2019)

  • Improved: RealTracks generation is improved. Silent gaps between riffs are now filled when necessary, giving a more legato sound to instruments that need it. This feature is on by default, but can be disabled by unchecking "Automatically fill gaps between riffs" in the RealTracks Settings window. The setting can also just be disabled for individual RealTracks by going to the Soloist window > Edit > More... and unchecking "Fill riff gaps automatically".
  • Improved: The RealDrums window resizing is improved. This includes loading/saving of the window's size and position, and column widths. The window is no longer forced to use a single aspect ratios.
  • Fixed: MaxPluginsToScan.txt was not being read on bootup.
  • Fixed: RealDrums RealCharts should display in the Drums Window.
  • Fixed: The memo did not display for many RealDrums in the RealDrums Picker window.
  • Fixed: Pausing playback should not disable the Juke Box.
  • Updated: User guide and Help.
  • Fixed: Possible memory leak when generating RealTracks (build 621 only)
  • Fixed: Errors when generating some Alex Acuna RealDrums.
  • Fixed: Some additional RealTracks shots and holds are added and assigned.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous minor .STY and audition file errors and typos.
  • Fixed: Some Organs weren't tempo swapping correctly.
  • Improved / transcriptions added: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm FolkyWaltzBrent Ev 150
    Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking SongwriterAlternating8thsQuinn Ev 065
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AtmosphereWaltzHeldDarin Ev 120
    Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm MariachiRanchero Ev 120
    Mandola, Rhythm AmericanaFolk68Andy sw 060

Summary of fixes for the VST DAW Plugin. (1.12.16)

  • Fixed: Tool tip for connection status icon
  • Fixed: Cannot open VST3 in Samplitude Pro X4
  • Added: Favorites list now in saved settings for all plugin instances
  • Added: Shortcuts to chord sheet to the plugin (j[Maj7], h[m7b5], s[7sus], d[dim], S[open style picker], begin[set start bar], chorusend [sets end of chorus], end [sets number of bars], t [sets tempo], tkam [sets key signature e.g. to Am], tram [sets key signature and transposes chord sheet e.g. to Am])
  • Fixed: Glitch where choruses will say 1/3 when stopped instead of 3
  • Fixed: When looping playback in a DAW, the BB Plugin still highlights bars in a linear fashion and ignores the loop
  • Fixed: Issues with bar highlighting
  • Fixed: If you change the playback location in a DAW without stopping, BB plugin ignores it with bar highlights and continues in a linear fashion.
  • Fixed: Move deleted files to recycle bin
  • Added: Deletion log file
  • Fixed: Master not generating on _SHINING.STY
  • Fixed: Save preferences/filters for style picker
  • Fixed: RealDrums dragging as style drums
  • Fixed: Individual tracks not generating more than one chorus
  • Fixed: Options drop-down cancels generation
  • Fixed: If RT in 3/4 and style is in 3/4 the error message still pops up
  • Fixed: Double-clicking bar 1 starts from count in

Summary of changes for build 619 (Feb 11, 2019)

  • Fixed: "Pause Play until MIDI or key received" setting did not work if using WAS audio drivers.
  • Fixed: Some important flash messages were not displaying properly.
  • Fixed: The 64 bit version did not have the MIDI Monitor window.
  • Fixed: The drums window would not update after toggling "Display QWERTY Chars On Drums" setting.
  • Fixed: Saving an XML or ABC file will sometimes crash Band-in-a-Box.
  • Fixed: Some ASIO devices would fail to start with error "Your ASIO driver uses a MAC-based data format. The program does not support MAC-basedformats."
  • Improved: ASIO now supports extra audio formats: 64 bit float samples, and big endian sample types (16, 18, 20, 24, & 32 bit).
  • Fixed: If an ASIO audio device has more than 32 input or output ports, Band-in-a-Box would crash with an access violation when leaving the ASIO Audio Drivers window.
  • Fixed: Silent gaps between RealTracks riffs were not being filled.
  • Fixed: There were undesirable gaps between riffs in RealTracks 1278: Synth Pad, PopUplift Ev 120.

Summary of fixes for the VST DAW Plugin. (1.11.14)

  • Fixed: Generating a single RealDrums rendered wrong track and had wrong name sometimes.
  • Fixed: UserTracks not showing correct name, or not generating sometimes.
  • Fixed: Loops and UserTracks were sometimes ALL CAPS names.
  • Fixed: Drums track names showed up as "N/A" drums when style loaded from a song.
  • Improved: Generating only the master works better.
  • Improved: Master.mid and indivudal MIDI files are saved.
  • Improved: Names for style tracks when on melody or soloist.
  • Fixed: Generating a loop when the style contained a soloist track wasn't working.
  • Fixed: In some DAWs an error could occur while dragging tracks.
  • Fixed: Blue square filled up after generating only master track.
  • Fixed: Midi playback caused crash in some DAWs (e.g. Pro Tools, Studio One)
  • Fixed: Render hangs with large render wav file in some cases.

Summary of fixes for February RealTracks update.

  • The following RealTracks now have transcriptions / guitar tab:
    RT3251: Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm ModFunk1NoteMark Ev16 110
    RT3155: Mandola, Rhythm AmericanaMountain16thsAndy ev16 070
    RT3221: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireSlowWaltz Sw 085
    RT3245: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm FunkyBluesSol ev16 090
    RT3222: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireWaltz Sw 120
    RT3234: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CelticHornpipe Sw16 070
    RT3298: Guitar, Electric, Soloist ChickenPickinWesternSwingJohnny Sw 165
    RT3246: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm BluesShuffleSlowSol sw 100
    RT3240: Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm RumbaFlamencaFast16ths Ev16 120
    RT3256: Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm SambaRamon Ev 240
    RT3220: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireFastSwing Sw 165
    RT32223: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireFastWaltz Sw 180
    RT3289: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm CelticJigDADGADQuinn Sw 110
    RT3290: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm CelticReelDADGADQuinn Ev 110
  • Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist RnBPopBrent Ev 110 had audio that did not match the guitar transcriptions
  • Problems with SambaBrazilFastPercAlex^ and DjembeKeitaEv16 playback.
  • The following RealTracks now have the option to use bars with only simple playing.
    RT3257: Horn Section, Background BluesShuffle Sw 130
    RT3239: Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm RumbaFlamencaBallad Ev16 090
    RT3240: Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm RumbaFlamencaFast16ths Ev16 120
    RT3244: Bajo Sexto, Rhythm NortenoRamon Ev 120
    RT3209: Guitarron, MariachiRanchero Ev 120
    RT3242: Vihuela, Rhythm MariachiRanchero Ev 120
    RT3241: Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm MariachiRanchero Ev 120
    RT3243: Quatro, Rhythm Joropo68Ramon Sw 060
    RT3202: Guitar, Electric, Soloist LaidBackBluesyBrent Ev 100
    RT3208: Guitar, Electric, Soloist RnBPopDblBrent Ev 055
    RT3171: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireEven Ev 120
    RT3172: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireEven Ev 165
    RT3218: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireSlowSwing Sw 085
    RT3219: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireSwing Sw 120
    RT3228: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AtmosphereWaltzArpDarin Ev 120
    RT3229: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AtmosphereWaltzHeldDarin Ev 120
    RT3220: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireFastSwing Sw 165
    RT3221: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireSlowWaltz Sw 085
    RT3222: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireWaltz Sw 120
    RT3224: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireSlow128 Sw 040
    RT3223: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CampfireFastWaltz Sw 180
    RT3225: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm Campfire128 Sw 060
    RT3296: Guitar, Electric, Soloist ChickenPickinWorkingJohnny Ev16 090
    RT3297: Guitar, Electric, Soloist ChickenPickinTrainJohnny Ev16 130
    RT3298: Guitar, Electric, Soloist ChickenPickinWesternSwingJohnny Sw 165
    RT3261: Cello, Rhythm CelticReelChoppingNatalieAB Ev16 110
    RT3262: Cello, Rhythm CelticReelChoppingNatalie Ev16 110
    RT3263: Cello, Rhythm CelticReelChoppingSyncNatalie Ev16 110
    RT3267: Cello, Background CelticAirFlowingNatalie Ev 085
    RT3268: Cello, Background CelticWaltzNatalie Ev 100
    RT3269: Cello, Background CelticHornpipeFlowingNatalie Sw16 070
    RT3270: Cello, Rhythm CelticHornpipeChopNatalie Sw16 070
    RT3264: Cello, Rhythm CelticJigChoppingNatalieAB Sw 110
    RT3265: Cello, Rhythm CelticJigChoppingNatalie Sw 110
    RT3266: Cello, Rhythm CelticJigChoppingSyncNatalie Sw 110
    RT3271: Cello, Rhythm Celtic SlipjigChoppingNatalie Sw 110
    RT3234: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CelticHornpipe Sw16 070
    RT3272: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CelticJig Sw 110
    RT3273: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CelticReel Ev16 110
    RT3235: Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm CelticHornpipe Sw16 070
    RT3290: Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm CelticReelDADGAD Ev16 110
    RT3278: Vocal Mmms, Rhythm RockNRollGospel12-8 4-part Sw 065
    RT3289: Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm CelticJigDADGAD Sw 110
    RT3287: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Fingerpicking CelticWaltz Ev 100
    RT3236: Guitar, Nylon, Fingerpicking CelticAir Ev 085
    RT3288: Guitar, Nylon, Fingerpicking CelticWaltz Ev 100
    RT3289: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm CelticJigDADGADQuinn Sw 110
    RT3290: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm CelticReelDADGADQuinn Ev 110
    RT3226: Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm CelticSongwriterQuinn Ev16 080
    RT3227: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalLowChuggingDarin Ev16 080
    RT3232: Guitar, Electric, BackgroundSoloist MetalRiffingDarin Ev16 080
    RT3114: Bass, Electric RootsyFunkAlex Ev16 110
    RT3255: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm RootsyFunkBob Ev16 110
  • Many other routine RealStyles and RealTracks fixes and improvements.

Summary of changes for build 617 (Feb 5, 2019)

  • Fixed: After stopping playback the first time in a session, MIDI out to plugins will not work until song starts playing again. This only applies to WAS audio drivers when using "output always on".
  • Fixed: If switching from WAS to MME audio drivers, playback would be very distorted.
  • Fixed: The 64 bit version did not have the Drums window.

Summary of changes for build 616

  • Fixed: Soloist track menu > Track Actions > Erase Track, would cause all menu items (eg. TimeShift Melody) to be applied to the Soloist track.
  • Fixed: Leaving the Leadsheet memo dialog will crash Band-in-a-Box.
  • Fixed: [Copy to Lyric Document Window] copies gibberish text to Lyric Document Window.
  • Fixed: [Copy to Lyric Document Window] does not work if the Lyric Document Window has not been opened yet.
  • Fixed: The Choose MultiDrums dialog will crash with error "List index out of bounds" if there are no MultiDrums available.
  • Improved: Windows Audio Session error -9996 should report a more informative error message on Windows 10.

Summary of changes for build 615

  • Added: 64-bit versions of the PG DirectX Plugins.
  • Added: Support has been added for the 64 bit PG Music DirectX Plugins. If opening a .TGS or a song file that assigns the 32 bit versions of these plugins, Band-in-a-Box will automatically load the 64 bit version. Song files will also save backwards compatible .TGS data so 32 bit versions of Band-in-a-Box will load the 32 bit version of these plugins.
  • Fixed: If using WAS audio drivers and "output always on" is disabled, MIDI notes will keep playing when song stops and Panic will not turn them off.

DAW Plugin 1.11.11 fixes: (Feb 5, 2019)

  • Added: Status icon for connection to bbw4 (empty-not running, white-running, green-idle, red)
  • Added: Version number to bottom bar
  • Fixed: Window handle error, which caused bbw not to respond in certain cases.
  • Added: Custom generate item to generate single page
  • Added: Generate button only generates current page
  • Fixed: Changed MIDI super track to light blue
  • Fixed: Problem generating loops after style with soloist
  • Fixed: Improved generating just the master
  • Added: Master.mid and individual MIDI files saving now.
  • Fixed: Names for style tracks when on melody or soloist improved
  • Fixed: Saved Tracks path error
  • Fixed: Improved workflow in Studio One

Summary of changes for build 614 (Jan 21, 2019)

  • Fixed: Songs would not save plugins on tracks that had a Hi-Q patch selected previously.
  • Fixed: Hi-Q Patches would not load if the Sforzando VSTi was not in the VSTi plugin list.
  • Fixed: The Sforzando VSTi was not automatically being added to the VSTi plugin list during bootup (64 bit only).
  • Fixed: Loading the Hi-Q patch "Hi-Q 040 01 Synth, Analog, FatBass Sforzando" would cause an access violation error.
  • Fixed: Track Settings > Set Track offset [0] was not working properly.
  • Fixed: Importing MusicXML files was failing to include melody notes and lyrics.
  • Fixed: Some new RealTracks were not assigned shots and holds.

DAW Plugin 1.10.4 fixes:

  • Improved: Generation is much faster, at least 4X.
  • Added: Notification dialog when generation is complete, and a setting to toggle this on/off.
  • Added: 32-Bit AAX plugin for Pro Tools 10.
  • Fixed: Soloist not generating on first attempt.
  • Fixed: MIDI tracks could be rendered at wrong tempo in the Master.
  • Fixed: Multiriff playback and bar highlighting
  • Added: Much faster MIDI renders: "No MIDI Renders" option in Custom Generate menu. If this is selected, any MIDI tracks will be left as MIDI and not rendered to wave which takes time.

Summary of changes for build 613 (Jan 16, 2019)

  • Fixed: Exporting MP3 files would fail if using the 64 bit version of Band-in-a-Box, and Windows 7 or earlier.
  • Fixed: Some audio export error messages were blank.
  • Fixed: The 64 bit version of Band-in-a-Box was not working with jBridge for loading 32 bit VST plugins.
  • Fixed: If using the Lyric Document window, there will be an access violation when saving the song (64 bit only).
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box would freeze when rendering to audio if there was no default synth selected, and "Use DXi/VSTi Synth" was enabled.
  • Fixed: The 64 bit version should use "MaxPluginsToScan64.txt" instead of sharing "MaxPluginsToScan.txt" with the 32 bit version.

Summary of changes for build 612 (Jan 11, 2019)

  • Fixed: Songs would not load or save VST data if larger than 1 megabyte, displaying flash message error "VST/FX data is too large to save".
  • Fixed: It was not possible to use the N key while entering note based lyrics in the Notation window.
  • Fixed: Recorded MIDI would be erased if also recording audio.
  • Fixed: The MIDI Driver dialog would not show the selected VSTi or DXi synth after choosing one in the Plugins window.
  • Updated: PDF and help file documentation.

Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin 1.9.28 fixes:

There are lots of significant fixes and additions in this patch, especially related to some single track operations not working.

  • Fixed: Right-clicking generate bass track generated all individual tracks
  • Fixed: StylePicker, RealTracks Picker, and other style and instrument selection windows would sometimes open behind the main window, requiring you to alt+tab to see them.
  • Fixed: Loading demo from StylePicker or loading a song when a special track was already present sometimes added an extra RealTracks (special track) to page 2
  • Fixed: Output directory error.
  • Fixed: BBW sometimes not receiving message when run as administrator. This would cause some actions to hang or not work at all.
  • Fixed: Skip grey bars when moving selector through chordsheet.
  • Fixed: Dragging tracks into Reason would sometimes give a 'Not found' error message.
  • Fixed: AAX Plugin was not being recognized by Pro Tools.
  • Fixed: Problem scrolling chord table when crossing PartMarker during highlight.
  • Fixed: Repaint problem in Reason (possibly other DAWs).
  • Fixed: Some opened BB songs with realcharts on a frozen track would cause an access violation.
  • Added: Detailed log file written in BB Data folder bbw4exe_pluginLog.txt.
  • Fixed: Generation of single tracks would hang the program if the bb folder contained the file MaxPluginsToScan.txt containing Max=0. This file should not normally be present except in rare cases where a DX plugin scan failed.
  • Added: VST2 FX 32-bit version.
  • Improved: Installer has options for installing all plugin types. All files are now digitally signed.

Summary of changes for build 611 (Jan 7, 2019)

  • Added: The CoyoteWT DXi synthesizer is now available for 64 bit. This will be used as the default synth in Band-in-a-Box.
  • Fixed: The VSTSynthFont64 could not save an arrangement file (always returned error message "Invalid arrangement file name:").
  • Fixed: The Band-in-a-Box icon was not displayed in the title bar or task bar.
  • Fixed: VST plugins would not load if using jBridge.

Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin 1.9.19 fixes:

  • Fixed: Problem generating RealDrums
  • Added: Delete key will delete highlighted area in chord sheet.
  • Updated: Windows tools for UI scaling on hi-res monitors.
  • Changed: Tip for valid folders now appears only if Preference dialog is open
  • Changed: Typing "," in chord sheet now shows it in generic font
  • Fixed: Problem with BBW pickers not opening on first click
  • Fixed: Shot, Hold, Rest not loading properly from saved song
  • Fixed: Shot, Hold, Rest not working properly after "/"
  • Added: Attempting to generate an empty track table from options menu will call the corresponding BBW picker
  • Added: Second entry to Generate Menu for generating Multi-Riffs of a selected region
  • Added: Option in the Preferences dialog to set the folder for Saved Tracks. *Note that the folder itself must be called "SavedTracks" (ie: C:\bb\BBPlugin\SavedTracks\)
  • Added: Option in the Preferences dialog to turn on bar highlighting during playback from the DAW. By default, this setting is turned off.
  • Added: 32-Bit versions of the Standalone and VST2 plugins.

Summary of changes for build 610 (Dec 28, 2018)

  • Fixed: Some VST plugins were silent (eg. SampleTank 3).
  • Fixed: Some ASIO drivers might not work. Note that the bug can cause the driver to remain open after using Band-in-a-Box, so this bug fix might require you to restart your computer.
  • Fixed: The drop station would not allow M4A export (highlights red) if QuickTime is not installed. This should only be necessary for Windows Vista or XP.
  • Fixed: The Find File dialog was not displaying folders, and not loading the song chosen.
  • Fixed: If there is a RealTrack on the Drums track, Band-in-a-Box might crash when rendering a region of bars.
  • Fixed: Opening a song file from Windows Explorer would not work if Band-in-a-Box was already open.
  • Fixed: (for the VST DAW Plugin) Generating multi-riffs would sometimes generate an error. (tips: make sure to first select a multi-riff before generating. Also, highlight a region of the chordsheet first to generate just that section as a multi-riff)
  • Added: (for the VST DAW Plugin) Shots, holds, rests, push chords now read in from BB files.

Summary of changes for build 609 (Dec 24, 2018)

  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might fail to connect to some VST plugins (eg. SampleTank 2), if not running as administrator.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might fail to connect to some ASIO drivers if not running as administrator.
  • Fixed: Multi-channel VST plugins (eg. SampleTank) would only output on channels 1&2.

Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin 1.8.14 fixes:

  • Added: Icon for the Standalone plugin.
  • Changed: Disabled input channels for the Standalone plugin.
  • Added: Options menu for the Standalone plugin.
  • Changed: Valid folder warning is now a tip.
  • Fixed: Problem selecting special tracks in v1.7.11.
  • Removed: Space bar controlling playback in the plugin.
  • Changed: Tool tips now appear in status message area.

Summary of changes for build 608 (Dec 21, 2018)

  • Fixed: Soloing a track will cause lots of distortion on some computers (only applies to the 64 bit version). Also, the count-in will be played in the wrong tempo, sound distorted, and cause Band-in-a-Box to be visually out of sync.
  • Fixed: File > Open/Save might not do anything if version 2019 was installed over a previous version of Band-in-a-Box.
  • Fixed: Recording audio more than once in a song would fail with various errors such as "File not found".
  • Fixed: Audio output would be silent in the 64 bit version, if using ASIO with a sample rate other than 44.1 kHz.
  • Fixed: Right-clicking on a track radio might cause an access violation.
  • Added: Drum notation can be saved to MusicXML. Band-in-a-Box or RealBand MusicXML files can be loaded to drum notation.
  • Fixed: If drum notation contained micro-pegs, then the drum names would not display in the key signature for NON-editable mode.
  • Fixed: Song Picker Rebuild might stop on corrupted file with 0 byte size.
  • Fixed: Xtra Set Numbers were wrong on systems set to date formats using hyphens instead of slashes.

Summary of changes for build 607 (Dec 18, 2018)

  • Fixed: Track menu > Track Actions > Save track as WAV file... would choose "W" as the file extension.
  • Fixed: Audio import to middle of song would fail with "File Not Found" error.
  • Fixed: Importing or opening audio files (MP3, WMA, M4A) might fail in the 64 bit version.
  • Updated/Added: Dozens of new RealStyles and demos added. Various RealTracks and style fixes and improvements.

Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin update to 1.7.11 is included:

  • Fixed: Issue with AAX version not being recognized in Pro Tools.
  • Fixed: Plugin may not be found due to a system file missing on some computers.
  • Added: VST3 version of the Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin, installed to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3. Recommended for most DAWs, unless they only support VST2.
  • Added: Stand-alone version of the DAW Plugin. This is installed to bb\BBPlugins\Files\. This exe is useful if a DAW doesn't support drag and drop, for troubleshooting, and for people who want a very simple Band-in-a-Box program just with Chordsheet and file generation, with drag and drop to Explorer.
  • Added: FX versions of the VST2 and VST3 Plugins for programs that don't recognize VST instruments, such as Audition. Installed to bb\BBPlugins\Files\. If you need these files, copy them from here to your VST folder.
  • Added: Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin Folder Locations and Settings are saved between sessions. Settings are saved in C:\users\public\ticket]
  • Improved: Check for bb installs is more thorough, on external drives (UltraPAK, etc.)
  • Fixed: Better handling for manually inputting folder paths in Preferences.
  • Fixed: Some chords cannot be entered with shot, hold or rests.
  • Fixed: Bar Highlighting during plugin playback.
  • Fixed: Problem with resizing on startup.

Summary of changes for build 606 (Dec 13, 2018)

  • Fixed: There might be problems with some ASIO audio devices (eg. no sound, distortion, or crashes).
  • Fixed: Invalid VST plugin error message should not say 64 bit plugins cannot be used with 64 bit version.

Summary of changes for build 605 (Dec 10, 2018)

  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might not exit completely if using ASIO drivers. It may appear to be closed, but an instance of bbw.exe or bbw64.exe will still be active in the Task Manager.
  • Fixed: In the Notation Window Options dialog, the up/down buttons for Clef split did not work.
  • Updated: PDF and help file documentation updated.

Summary of changes for Build 604 (Dec 4 2018):

  • Fixed: Audio > Plugins menu items were not working. The plugin would run, but the effect was not applied to the audio track.
  • Fixed: Audio > Plugins menu items were not preserving meta data in user's audio track (.wav file).
  • Fixed: Launching the manual would open an older manual if it was present in the bb\Documentation folder.
  • Fixed: Pressing space bar in the notation window should not start playback if entering lyrics or section text.
  • Fixed: Choosing a Hi-Q patch did not load the Sforzando plugin (64 bit version only).
  • Fixed: The Lyric Document Window was not loading song text properly.
  • Fixed: Direct drag and drop to another application was not working.
  • Fixed: "Normalize Mix" had no effect when rendering (64 bit version only).
  • Fixed: Online RT and RD auditioning was not working.
  • Updated: Content updates: RealStyles updates, new Styles/Demos, Shots/Holds additions, misc. RT fixes.
  • Updated: Documentation.

Summary of changes for Build 603 (Dec 3 2018):

  • Fixed: Sometimes stopping playback would erase chord in the bar where playback started.
  • Added: Space bar should start from the current position in the notation window.
  • Fixed: The New Features menu items were directing to the wrong webpages.
  • Fixed: The filter wasn't working in StylePicker for the show 2019 styles in when accessed from the Category menu.
  • Fixed: The StyleMaker feature to add memos, examples was incorrectly adding carriage returns sometimes.
  • Fixed: Titles window filters for chord density and number of chords weren't working.
  • Fixed: Pressing backslash in notation to enter section text caused garbage UTF-8 character to appear.
  • Fixed: Higher fret numbers showed up as garbage.
  • Fixed: Loading in an XML file resulted in DTD prohibited error.
  • Updated: PDF documentation and help files.

Summary of changes for Build 602 (Dec 1 2018):
  • Fixed: Possible range check error at bootup.
  • Fixed: StylePicker would not clear the need to rebuild the styles list.

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