Wow, we've received some incredible feedback about Band-in-a-Box® 2019, especially since the 64-bit Mac release!

About Band-in-a-Box® 2019...
"Well worth the wait!" ...don't wait! Upgrades are on SALE until October 15th!
"It's going to work with the new Catalina OS, and that is EXACTLY what I needed! Now I can keep rockin' with Band-in-a-Box!!"
"Can't say enough about the quality of this program!"
"Heaven, just what the doctor ordered."
"The best upgrade PG Music has come up with yet - SOLD!"
"You play with the best musicians and that's great!"
"A huge, huge hit."
"The filtering features in the SongPicker are awesome!"
"Love the new StylePicker!"
"The new advanced Filter options are a real time-saver!"
"The Notation enhancements make things so easy and save time!!!!"

About the new VST/AU/AAX DAW Plugin...
"Enjoying the new BIAB for Mac plug-in inside my Ableton Live. Thank you!"
"What a time-saver!"
"Fantastically useful!"
"This is a game changer! Keep up the great work Peter & Team!"
"This is HUGE news!"
"It's one of the BEST new features!"
"Truly awesome!"
"This feature is why I'm upgrading!"
"This is going to excite many users for sure!"
"It's the biggest release ever since the advent of RealTracks & RealDrums."

About the new RealTracks...
"What an amazing selection of new RealTracks - where do I even start?!"
"These are remarkable!"
"Lovin' the new RealTracks!!!"
"What a variety - thank you PG Music!"
"My favorite artists are back!"
"Low Vocal Mmmms? Yes please!"
"With SO MANY CHOICES it's going to take months to really appreciate it all."

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PG Music Inc.