A Build 5 Update is available for RealBand Version 2019

Download the build 5 update

Summary of Changes in Build 5 (Oct 10)

  • Fixed: Sometimes the position of the VST/DX plugs window (even if not visible) would prevent a drop, such as into the drop station, from occurring.
  • Fixed: When batch converting files, the volume of some file types such as wav/mp3/wma/mp4, etc. would be too low.
  • Fixed: In Chords Window, you could not enter held chords on Piano track.
  • Fixed: LeadSheet might not display tied notes on the last bar of a track.
  • Fixed: Pressing "M" key in Editable Notation to insert a new note at the current time location on the Staff was inserting a duplicate note rather than inserting it above an existing note.

Summary of Changes in build 4 (July 05)

  • Loading in a MusicXML file could result in MIDI notes of zero instead of the currect MIDI notes
  • Help in Language Selection dialog didn't work correctly
  • dragging a file into the tracks window didn't always result in the effects slot for the track being setup properly for the file type dragged in
  • When inserting hard rest, and answering Yes to question about removing notes for the peg, it would remove notes from both clefs instead of the clef that the rest was inserted on.
  • Potential access violation when deleting a note in staff window.
  • Potential jukebox access violation if there were songs with the entire path of the filename being 256 characters or greater loaded into jukebox.
  • Jukebox not playing the playlist in correct order in certain situations involving stopping/restarting, etc.
  • When loading in a MusicXML file that has a specific guitar fretboard defined that matches one of our fretboards, the guitar tablature type will now be set for the notation.
  • Ability to load in .MXL (compresssed musicXML file) as well as ability to load normal noncompressed musicXML file with the new .musicxml extension instead of just .XML.
  • Hammer ons, pull offs, and slides are now being saved to MusicXML files.
  • Exceptionally jittery timing indicator in the notation window during playback compared to older versions of RealBand.
  • If the start of a generated section of a song didn't have a chord entered at the beginning of the section, then it could default to a C major chord instead of the most recent chord prior to the section.
  • Potential access violation if song has micro-pegs and multiple notes on a peg.
  • Accidental element that specified whether a note was displayed as sharp/flat wasn't eing saved to XML, even though the correct pitch of the note itself was saved.

Summary of Changes in build 3 (Jan 30)

  • Added: Ability to save a drum track as drum notation to XML. Will also be able to reload drum notation tracks from XML if they were saved by BBW or RealBand.
  • Fixed: Notation Window would show a large part of an extra bar when the screen is redrawn.
  • Fixed: Drum names would not show up properly in non-editable notation mode when the screen had micropegs anywhere in it.
  • Fixed: recording MIDI notes might result in forced accidentals being set for some notes.
  • Fixed: If the Bars Per Line in the Notation Window was previously set to 4, and you boot up RealBand and load in a song, then it could temporarily revert to 2 bars per line the first time that the song is played.

Summary of Changes for build 2 (Dec 3)

  • Fixed - StylePicker was not clearing the need to rebuild.
  • Fixed - N-hotkey works the same in the Notation Windows as it does in Band-in-a-Box.

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