An update is available for Band-in-a-Box® Version 2020

Download the Band-in-a-Box 2020 Build 407 update

This includes DAW Plugin update 2.5.18

Summary of changes for build 407 (April 2, 2020):

  • Fixed: RealDrums Quick List was empty if launched from main toolbar.
  • Improved: Bootup time is faster.
  • Fixed: It is not possible to type ^ (caret symbol for pushes) in chordsheet if using an Italian keyboard layout.
  • Fixed: Opening songs from older versions might misinterpret song title as ?.
  • Fixed: Buttons in Custom toolbar are not draggable.
  • Fixed: The time signature button on the main toolbar did not do anything.
  • Fixed: A maximum of 1990 MIDI events are loaded from a song file into the Melody or Soloist track.
  • Fixed: RealDrums Quick List menu item did not do anything.
  • Fixed: Find a Sub for RealDrums menu item did not do anything.
  • Fixed: Various problems with localized versions.
  • Fixed: Some style demos for the newest RealTracks would not play.
  • Fixed: Song title will be changed to ? when re-saving if it previously contained international characters like é or ©.

DAW Plugin 2.5.18

  • Fixed: "Open Recent" opened file chooser dialog
  • Fixed: Unfold feature not working with some songs
  • Fixed: Choruses not resetting when playback is stopped in DAW
  • Fixed: Chord superscripts
  • Fixed: Clicking zoom many times will crash standalone plugin
  • Fixed: Undo removes all chords after opening a song
  • Fixed: Buzzing sound in Studio One
  • Fixed: Plugin determining chord accidentals now matches main program
  • Fixed: Removed alert menu when sync playing tracks that are not up-to-date (generated).
  • Fixed: Cancelling generate made song lose "dirty" state
  • Fixed: All selected tracks should drag from the plugin
  • Fixed: Shortcut file feature not working always working. Support was also added for pgshortc.txt files
  • Fixed: Double clicking grey area in chord sheet started playback
  • Fixed: Bar highlighting skipped last chorus when the start bar is greater than 1
  • Fixed: Right-click on bar should first launch popup menu
  • Fixed: Double clicking anywhere on a track should open its picker
  • Added: About to File Menu
  • Added: "year" to plugin name
  • Fixed: remove sync tempo button if already synced
  • Fixed: improve 2 finger scroll (too fast)

Summary of changes for build 403 (Mar 17, 2020):

  • Fixed: Clicking on Print Chords from the chord sheet context menu causes application to crash.
  • Fixed: Feature Browser button is missing from the big toolbar.
  • Fixed: Event List window is using wrong colors.
  • Fixed: Some song titles are blank in the Song Titles dialog.
  • Fixed: Possible Crashes

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