The latest version of RealBand 2020 allows you to save lyrics with your MGU file, improves XML features, corrects reported issues when looping a song with ASIO or Windows Audio, and applies additional improvements to the program!

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Summary of changes for build 5 (August 19):

  • Fixed: Issue with audio cutting out when non-realtime rendering for some VSTi synths such as Kontakt.
  • Fixed: Lyrics weren't being saved to MGU files.
  • Fixed: issue of the program freezing when using Elastique for resampling or pitch/speed adjustment.
  • Fixed: potential access violation when exiting the Latency Adjustment dialog
  • Fixed: potential access violation if loading a .SEQ with a Lead Sheet Memo
  • Fixed: loading in an MGU with frozen RealTracks could result in the track being improperly named based on the wrong soloist
  • Fixed: If using larger buffers with Windows Audio, sound would be distorted
  • Fixed: If looping the song with ASIO or Windows Audio, and the end of the loop was beyond the end of the song, the audio could permanently cut out until you restart playback.
  • Added: option to save exact chord text to XML rather than relying on saving the chord type and degrees
  • Fixed: If a group of notes had a top number like, say, 5 notes or 6 notes the timing of the group wasn't written correctly to XML
  • Fixed: order of controllers was written incorrectly to the track in RealBand when loading in an articulation, such as an accent, staccato. etc. from an XML file
  • Fixed: if program freezes up when counting plugins at bootup, the freeze should not have occurred the 2nd time booted up, but it would still freeze up.
  • Added: successfully loaded DX/DXi plugins are now added to the plugin scan log
  • Fixed: When loading in an XML file that had no chord type text, but was, say, a minor chord like Em, it might show up as E instead of Em.

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