Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Windows was launched earlier this month, and it's a HIT!

Here's what people are saying...

"Many great new features directly from user requests!"

"Excellent work by the PG Music Team!"

"I am so impressed at the changes made with version 2021. Especially like the GUI changes and the ability to edit audio tracks!"

"LOVE the new ability to control size of the chord sheet with the mouse wheel and control button. Thanks!"

"The new chord sheet features make it so easy to squeeze a couple more measures onto the main screen."

"Loving this year's edition!"

"Thank you for cut time & 2/4! Great for bluegrass and a cut-time feel for sambas as well!"

"For the first time ever, I've been able to use .VST instruments at they're intended. Multiple tracks using Kontakt or combos of Kontakt and Swam and the VST windows don't disappear after one playing and change of focus. This alone was worth the price of the upgrade!"

"Now THIS I like!"

"What an amazing product!"

"Directly addresses many user requests!"

"The new version looks great!"

"I love how Band-in-a-Box keeps evolving."

"The Band-in-a-Box 2021 release a must have!"

"Hurrah PG team!" (Utility tracks)

"I am stoked to see the new ability to generate and regenerate RealTracks directly on the utility tracks"

"Team PG must be pulling out all the stops and doing a ton of "behind the scenes" work right now! Congratulations all. You're certainly moving mountains with these new innovations!"

"I've been playing around with the RealTracks picker for the Utility tracks, and it's immensely powerful. Seriously. The combination of using preset filters and the filter line gives "searching" muscle for finding RTs that's very impressive. I'm a fan of this new one."

"I switched to the new GUI on day one and immediately loved it. I like the ability to see more bars of music. I also reduced the vertical height of each row on the matrix so I can see even more bars at once."

"Great work guys."

"Apparently PG development team have been investing their time wisely! I have been with you folks for many years now, and all your updates, upgrades and add-ons have been good, solid improvements. I am honestly impressed with 'Band-in-a-Box 2021 - Steroid version.' [Please use responsibly, make good music!]"

"Continue to be stunned at how much stuff goes into each new year, thank you. Band-in-a-Box is my most important instrument and completely has shaped my music over the last twenty years."

"This is exciting. I'll be ordering the new Audiophile 2021 version and all the extra stuff as soon as it is available for ordering." (and it is!)

"Yesterday ordered the 2021 UltraPAK upgrade and the 49-PAK. Love using Band-in-a-Box with Cakewalk!"

"Band-in-a-Box 2021 for Windows. Enough said."


"Already spent several hours just exploring the new styles... And liking what I'm hearing. Hours of fun ahead!"

"Bought it at 4:00AM the morning it was released. Enjoying every bit of it."

"The new styles produced each year get better and better and the enhancements to the program, although many are 'under the hood', make working with it more enjoyable and produce a better quality final output. Improved audio rendering of tracks, more efficient cpu performance are both significant improvements this year. I also welcome the improvements to RealBand!"

"I'll start... RealBand is now 64 bit!!! Yah. I have been waiting for this for years. Now I can use any vst plugin. No more JBrigde. This, to me, is worth the upgrade price!"

"Every year I am surprised how many changes and improvements are added to an already great product. On a first glance, I am really happy about the fact that the Solo and Mute status will now be saved for each track/song - a major annoyance at the moment

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