RealBand 2021 Build 3 is available.

Release notes(build 3c, Jan 7 2021):

  • Fixed - Running 32-bit realband.exe (Version 2020) is now supported.
  • Added - Presets for 64-bit PG DX plugins.

Release notes (build 3, Dec 21 2020):

  • Fixed - when typing in the Comments Window, hotkeys like "r" for record would get triggered
  • Fixed - program would freeze up when Time Stretch and Pitch Shift of Selected Audio Tracks, in the Tracks Window right-click menu, was executed
  • Fixed - program would get an access violation if loading in an MGU or SGU that contained utility tracks. Now the utility tracks will be loaded.
  • New - program will now let you save audio tracks as Utility Tracks when saving to an MGU or SGU
  • New - program can now import floating point 32-bit WAV files
  • New - Cut-time symbol shown instead of 2/2 time signature, if Cut-Time mode is selected in Notation Window
  • Fixed - language strings added
  • Fixed - Save As button - Save Chords Window or Notation to video file, would not always generate the video properly or notify you that it was complete
  • Fixed: "Converting file..." notification during/after a take was kept.
  • Fixed: "Invalid SMTPE Frame offset" notification.

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