Band-in-a-Box 2021 Build 511 update is available (July 29)

Band-in-a-Box 2021 Build 511 Update Patch Installer: (100 MB)

This includes Band-in-a-Box 2021 build 511 and DAW Plugin build 3.7.23.

Summary of changes for build 511: (July 29)

  • Fixed: The MIDI keyboard wizard might not work during recording.
  • Fixed: "flat, dry, and center" option in the Drop Plus dialog should be available for dragging single tracks.
  • Fixed: MIDI files containing sysex data would fail to import.
  • Fixed: Dropping a MIDI file onto Band-in-a-Box would be ignored if the file extension was ".midi".
  • Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling did not work in the MIDI Import dialog.
  • Fixed: When importing MIDI files "Merge with existing data" did not work correctly.
  • Fixed: Undoing audio edits on tracks Utility#2 or higher did not work.
  • Fixed: Cut/Copy/Paste hot keys did not work in Open/Save dialogs if launched from a modal dialog (eg the Render dialog).
  • Fixed: When asked to overwrite song file [No] should be the default button (activated by Return key).
  • Fixed: The [Cancel] button in popup dialogs should selectable with tab and arrow keys (activated by Space Bar).
  • Fixed: Erase Track causes tracks to change solo state.

Summary of changes for DAW Plugin build 3.7.23 (July 29)

  • Fixed: VST3 did not correctly load the dedicated synth
  • Fixed: "Set default style" not working
  • Fixed: Moving files when saving doesn't work if style is loaded but not generated
  • Fixed: DLS Music Device not loading in VST3.
  • Added: Preview N Bars to chord sheet right-click menu
  • Added: Message notifying that saved window size has completed
  • Added: Bar highlighting for midi preview
  • Fixed: Clicking anywhere on plugin while bbm4 window is open should bring window to front (plugin will now be greyed out while bb dialog is open)
  • Fixed: Change disabled Preview N Bars to Preview 4 Bars by default
  • Fixed: Chord sheet/track table view should not resize if horizontal size has been changed
  • Fixed: Some strings not externalized in chord builder
  • Fixed: PLAY/STOP buttons should be green/black to match BIAB
  • Fixed: Gain value changes when toggling volume slider
  • Fixed: "Move media to project directory" when saving was not always working
  • Fixed: Limit for choruses and start bar were incorrect
  • Fixed: Selecting secondary chord display and then going back to none doesn't resize rows well
  • Fixed: Components incorrectly overlaid in confirmation dialog
  • Fixed: Expand clear renders feature to exclude currently generated tracks
  • Fixed: Expand auto-clear feature to work when starting new session
  • Fixed: Plugin sometimes resets when closing/reopening plugin editor
  • Fixed: "Auto-generate song" was not working with song demos
  • Fixed: noise when starting sync playback in the plugin
  • Fixed: chord sheet should get keyboard focus after any action
  • Fixed: generate "region" not working
  • Fixed: Save Window Size was not working

Summary of changes for build 509: (July 8)

  • Fixed: Plugins not saved correctly in song files.
  • Fixed: Frozen RealDrums RealCharts were not saved in song files.
  • Fixed: Issues with different tempo % changes at different choruses, and starting playback in different choruses.

Summary of changes for build 507:

  • Fixed: The time signature does not update on the chord sheet after selecting a style.
  • Fixed: Using mouse wheel over Track Selector control does not work to select None (eg in Record dialog).
  • Fixed: Drag and drop Master track to MIDI quadrant, and 1 track is soloed, should be SMF type 0 instead of 1.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box should automatically copy to stylz1.bin if stylz1.bin is missing.
  • Fixed: File > Revert to saved should not ask user if they want to save their current song.
  • Fixed: Issues with chord sheet scrolling when near end of song.
  • Fixed: Cancel should be triggered with [Esc] key in the post record audio dialog.
  • Fixed: Plugins on Utility tracks do not save in song files.
  • Fixed: Track Actions > Save as performance track would fail.
  • Fixed: Using Copy/Move Tracks to copy audio to a non-editable track (eg Soloist) would fail.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when opening the Notation window.
  • Fixed: When choosing a different language the message "New Language will take effect the next time you run the program." should be displayed in the new language as well as the current language.
  • Fixed: Key sig being drawn with the wrong font and position.
  • Fixed: Drum notes in bottom staff that were saved to musicXML would display way too low when loaded into other programs.
  • Added: Feature Browser menu item added to the Help menu.

Summary of changes for build 506: (June 29)

  • Added: "Avoid connecting to low quality input devices" setting added to Audio Devices dialog.
  • Fixed: Audio Unit plugins (eg the default synth) might be silent with some Audio Devices (eg bluetooth headphones).
  • Fixed: Delete Beats at Bar was not undoable.
  • Fixed: Delete Beats at Bar should ask for chorus/bar numbers rather than just a bar number.
  • Fixed: Insert Beats at Bar should ask for chorus/bar numbers rather than just a bar number.
  • Fixed: Chords and bar lines might not line up properly in the Piano Roll.
  • Fixed: "Utility Tracks were automatically transposed." message shows after leaving song settings when no transpose settings were changed.

Summary of changes for build 505:

  • Fixed: Styles that contain loops might try to load a WMA file and crash the program.
  • Fixed: Quick render menu items should only render the song mix, and ignore "One file per track" setting.
  • Fixed: Quick render menu items were ignoring the "Save in current song directory" setting.
  • Fixed: Track context menu > Track Actions > Save track as WAV file should select stereo/mono automatically.
  • Fixed: "Also generate MIDI Drums in the MIDI file" did not export the underlying MIDI style if the song has RealDrums RealCharts.
  • Fixed: New Xtra Style might not display correctly in the StylePicker.
  • Fixed: If scanning or loading a VST plugin causes Band-in-a-Box to crash, then that plugin should be automatically excluded the next time running the program.
  • Added: Plugin selector dialog shows info on listed plugins, such as the file path and unique identifier. This is useful for troubleshooting plugin installation problems, duplicates, etc.
  • Added: "Allow multiple instances of Band-in-a-Box to be running” setting added to the Preferences dialog.
  • Added: [MIDI file] button added to the Preferences dialog. This replaces all of the check boxes related to MIDI exporting.
  • Added: Batch Mode for exporting MIDI files is now accessible from the MIDI export dialog.
  • Improved: Audio Devices dialog is resizable.

Summary of changes for build 504: (June 18)

  • Fixed: Partially hidden check boxes in the MIDI File Options dialog.
  • Fixed: Batch Mode button should not be showing in the MIDI export dialog.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop render might cause an hour glass mouse cursor to get stuck.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop individual MIDI tracks should be SMF type 0 instead of 1.
  • Fixed: Frozen RealTracks on Drums track are not saved in song.
  • Fixed: VST plugin scans may be slower in some cases.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to select audio inputs on multi-channel audio interfaces.
  • Fixed: New Xtra styles do not show in the StylePicker for localized versions if the language patch is not up to date.
  • Improved: File rendering time reduced.
  • Improved: Enabling render setting "Individual tracks flat, dry, and center" will improve rendering time.
  • Added: "Include Mix" option added to rendering options which can be disabled if rendering individual tracks.
  • Added: "Save in current song directory" setting added to Render dialog.
  • Added: MIDI Chord Detection window added. This can be accessed from Window > MIDI Chord Detection...
  • Fixed: Potential access violation when Fakesheet mode was displaying note-based lyrics.
  • Fixed: Staff window wasn't showing any bar-based lyrics.
  • Fixed: 'Lyrics Below By' setting in Print Options changed to Bar Lyric Position so it will now let the user adjust the position of the bar lyrics whether they are displayed above or below.
  • Fixed: Note colors now are working for any track, and will not be enabled when drum notation is in use.
  • Fixed: When Song Title is blank, in Print Options, the Composer, Style, etc. would show up as garbage.
  • Fixed: Copyright symbol would have an extra character in lead sheet if the copyright field was in use.

Summary of changes for DAW Plugin build 3.6.15

  • Fixed: StylePicker is showing 2020 as the newest styles instead of 2021.
  • Fixed: More than one instance of would be running in some cases.
  • Added: "Preview N Bars [Cmd/Ctrl-P]" option in Generate menu. Hot key for this function is CMD/CTRL-P
  • Added: Option in "Preferences -> General Settings" to save current plugin size as default
  • Added: Option in "Preferences -> Render Settings" to auto-clear renders on startup. Note that this option should only be enabled if the DAW creates copy of media when importing. Enabling this setting will delete the entire renders folder whenever the plugin is first loaded without checking if tracks were dragged or not.
  • Added: Option in "Preferences -> Render Settings" to separate audio output channels for each track after generating
  • Added: Notification for missing media (tracks that will not generate)
  • Added: [PLAY] button to "Generation is complete!" message
  • Added: AU plugin now sends MIDI to DLS Music Device if "Send MIDI to DAW" is selected
  • Added: "Play Current Chord [Shift-Enter]" to right-click menu of chord sheet. Hot key for this function is SHIFT-ENTER
  • Fixed: BB frequently hangs a long time on "Retrieving Style"
  • Fixed: Changed "Paste Special" to "Paste Special (from Band-in-a-Box)" which is only enabled when system clipboard has song info
  • Fixed: Plugin sometimes does not prompt to save generated tracks with song
  • Fixed: Status message text has bad horizontal scale (should not be compressed)
  • Fixed: Updated audio output channel display to show track channels -> output channels
  • Fixed: "Chart" button text was cutoff
  • Fixed: Play button in Chord Builder crashed AU plugin
  • Fixed: "Preview Chord Progression" crashed AU plugin
  • Fixed: Chordsheet should get focus when generation is complete
  • Fixed: Issues with style picker (and other bb windows) hiding when CMD-TAB is used to navigate to another app and then back to DAW
  • Fixed: Multiple instances of bbm4 open when running AU and VST plugin and retrieving style upon launch
  • Fixed: Plugin should ask to save song before loading song demo
  • Fixed: Preferences dialog should not move position when selected tab changes
  • Fixed: Play/Stop buttons should still alert user that nothing is generated when they are disabled
  • Fixed: Moved "Preview Chord Progression" feature from right-click menu to button under chord sheet (next to C7 button)

Summary of fixes in build 503b (June 4)

  • Problems running the DAW Plugin on some systems, with errors like "unable to create file"...bbm4_PluginLog.txt"

Summary of fixes in build 503 (June 3)

  • Fixed: Importing a 24 bit audio file would result in silence.
  • Fixed: Recording audio with multi-channel interfaces might be silent.
  • Fixed: "WMA" was displayed on the drop station instead of "AIFF".
  • Fixed: Mono Waves AU plugins are silent.
  • Fixed: Mono Waves VST plugins are silent on the right channel.
  • Fixed: Recent song files in File menu might not load the correct song.
  • Fixed: "Fix sour notes" default track data is not set properly for new songs.
  • Fixed: File > Save Special > Save Song as M4A Audio creates corrupt file.
  • Fixed: File > Save Special > Save Song as AIFF Audio creates corrupt file.
  • Fixed: Copy Song to Text, long style name was showing a short name.
  • Fixed: AddOns dialog link to webpage fixed.
  • Fixed: Songs with held chord as final chord could crash.
  • Added: Edit - Song Form - Time Signature dialog now has settings for number of bars.

DAW Plugin 3.5.20 release notes:

  • Fixed: Plugin sometimes crashes in Pro Tools (when setting negative value for bar offset)
  • Fixed: Duplicate file name displayed in "Recent Files"

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