Here's what they're saying about Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Windows

"2022 is a true game changer, the biggest thing since the first RealTracks."
"Hands-down the best upgrade!"
"I always know I will love the RealTracks and this year is no exception. Some truly beautiful stuff in there."
"MicroChords is worth the upgrade alone. 4 chords per beat!"
"One of the most exciting upgrades to BIAB since I've been using the program and certainly the most fun to me!"
"Playable RealTracks + micro chords...WOW!"
"The new installer also makes it a breeze to download and install."
"Looks like everyone is in for a treat this year."
"I owned 2020 and now bought upgrade to 2022. New version is fantastic, I like the new features and styles!"
"I absolutely love the MC (MicroChords) up to 16 chords on a bar."
"There is something for everyone in the new version 2022!"
"This is a phenomenal update - really a game-changer!"
"Playable RealTracks are a game changer! Very powerful. Something we never thought could be done."
"One of the best Upgrades!"
"Absolutely amazing. I have been a customer for approximately 25 years and continue to be. One of the most significant versions of this extraordinary software!"
"Love the Motifs!"
"Congrats to PGM for what certainly seems to be a Grand Slam Homerun of an upgrade!"
"MicroChords are a game changer!"
"Playable Real Tracks - this is absolutely mind blowing!"
"The 2022 version has the most exciting features since the introduction of the RealTracks."
"Got it. Installed it. And... Was literally blown away! Best Upgrade I can Recall!"
"Amazing update for Band in a box!"
"All of the things I've requested on the 'wish list' board are HERE!"
"I bought it... The install was the easiest I have seen"
"The release of BiaB 2022 has been a nice surprise!"
"Volume automation is an excellent addition and gives the user a high level of control!"
"The new MultiRiff feature is simply Awesome!"
"This is one MEGA update!"
"Get ready to indulge your inner music geek with a feature set to guarantee that music making will be fun in 2022!"
"Band-in-a-Box 2022 is amazing. It opens the doors to incredible musical possibilities."
"I haven't even open the application and I am amazed already!"
"What a great new feature the 2022 MultiRiffs are!"
"This upgrade has more new content than prior years, and powerful new features!"
"MicroChords... I love this new feature!"
" This is the most excited I've been about a BiaB release in years!"
"This release blows me away and offers some features many of us have wanted for years. PG seems to have really knocked this one out of the park!"
"Playable RealTracks is a welcome addition!"
"Some great new features this year."
"This is my dream come true!"
"The downloader was fantastic!"
"This year's release is one of the most exciting!"
"This release is a true Game Changer!"
"Terrific new features!"
"MultiRiff is one of the best feature improvements I've ever seen!"
"Version 2022 is so full of powerful new features!"
"Songs with vocals are pretty impressive!"
"That's great having full song vocals!"
"So excited about these new features, especially All Tracks Equal, MicroChords, Motifs, and volume automation!"