It’s Our Christmas

©Marty Sorensen 2021

It’s our Christmas, I’m all alone

By myself, in a love free zone

You have to be in another time and place

I feel like I’m just lost in space

If you knew how sad I am

You’d send me a telegram

Read it out loud know you’re okay

This wouldn’t be such an empty day

Yes I know life isn’t fair

I’d like to help with my little prayer

So here goes into the night

A prayer for you that you’re alright.

Carolers come by they wish me well

A heartfelt chorus a silver bell

Then they walk on down the street

I go back to my lonely retreat

I go inside to the radio

Listen to the songs with the sound down low

One more thing I can do

Light a candle just for you

A taxi stops out on the street

I hear the sound of walking feet

I rush over and open the door

You’re back home and safe from the war.

We’re upstairs to see the kids

Tickle each one in the funny ribs

I am full of butterflies

As they wake up and rub their eyes

They jump up and down with sheer delight

Hold on to you with all their might.

We go down to the Christmas tree

Put you under it and dance with glee

When they start to fall asleep

You give them a promise to keep

Anywhere on planet Earth

Remember this night of our rebirth.

Notes: The backing tracks are from the Band In A Box slow swing bent-note piano style. Melody sung by Dana Varland, guitar by Matthias Varland, Craig Nelson plays acoustic held bass, John Jarvis plays acoustic country rhythm bent-note piano, Brian Fullen plays Nashville swing drums, Miles Black adds rhythm pop country strings, and David Wise and Shelley Justice provide vocal oohs and aahs. The tracks were mixed in Audacity and mastered in Reaper with Izotope Nectar elements (vocal track) and Izotope Ozone elements (piano, and overall master for Pop Vocal).