Its for me a usability issue, that should be an easy fix.

I play along or look throu midi files in Biab a lot.
After the import of the midi file (per drag and drop into the chord sheet) all the different tracks of the midi file will get a separate channel.
When I the try to flip through the different tracks in the sheet music view, I always have to open the dropdown, position to the next track and click on it.

A huge time saver and win in usability it would be, if we had cursor up/down button to step through the tracks without bothering with a whole dropdown, if we want to run through all tracks, to see how Biab split it up.
Alternativly, it would also be a idea to have the focus on the dropdown box once clicked and we could step thru the list by using the ordinary cursor keys of the keyboard. That´s a functionality I used to program into Excel VBA interfaces if suitable.

I find it pretty inconvenient to have to open the dropdown, position onto the next entry every time I want to run thru the imported tracks.

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