I love using Band In a Box for making all my backing tracks thanks to the Real Tracks. Having actual recordings of real people playing real instruments is a game changer. I don't have to use a virtual trumpet and try to make the virtual instrument sound like a real trumpet, I can just select a recording of an actual musician playing a real trumpet and know I have an authentic trump part for my backing track (although there are sometimes I want to create a specific part and I have to use a virtual instruments). The other thing I like about BIAB is PG Music. PG Music, you are one of few companies that listens to your customers and goes through with the requests. I remember when I requested steel pan real tracks, you created them and had them available on the following version. Keep up the great work.
Computer: Macbook Pro, 16 inch 2021
DAWs: Pro Tools, Logic, and Maschine
plays drums, percussion, bass, steel pan, keyboard,
music producer/engineer