Learn all about the 25 Songs with Vocals added to the Band-in-a-Box Add-ons with Artist Performance Set 13: Songs with Vocals 3!


0:00:00 Haven't Heard Half (_HUMID.sty)
0:04:04 Butterflies and Thunderclouds (_FRAGMNT.sty)
0:07:35 As Purple Turns To Blue (_PAPASAN.sty)
0:12:32 So You Wanna Be Bad (_HUSHHOP.sty)
0:16:48 Been To The City (_SCUFF+.sty)
0:20:49 Better Not Wait Too Long (_GLIDE.sty)
0:26:11 A Southern Girl (_WAYLGP.sty)
0:29:47 All I Have (_SHINY.sty)
0:34:43 And I Forgive (_=WITNESS.sty)
0:39:04 As If (I Could Get Away) (_RENOWN.sty)
0:43:55 Can't Get Hold Of You (_SHAM.sty)
0:47:05 Get You Back (_MINGLE.sty)
0:51:29 No Credence (_DASHING.sty)
0:55:29 Put Upon (_PLANET.sty)
1:01:13 You Can Be My Man (_WEST.sty)
1:05:06 Like a Ghost Among My Memories (_PECKING.sty)
1:08:16 Hear Me When I Say (_PNO16BR.sty)
1:11:42 Hearts Upon Our Sleeve (=SLEEVE.sty)
1:16:52 I Wish That You Were Better (_MACON.sty)
1:21:16 Lucky Man (_APPEAR.sty)
1:26:01 Bright and Brave and Bold (_LNGNITE.sty)
1:31:22 Burning Castles (_MDWEST.sty)
1:36:09 Butterflies and Thunderclouds (_SAWMILL.sty)
1:39:43 Like a Ghost Among My Memories (_CHETTRN.sty)
1:42:47 Sweet Anne Marie (_TRAINJN.sty)

These are included in the Band-in-a-Box® 2023 49-PAK!

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