Wow - we've been receiving some great feedback from Band-in-a-Box® users!

"I've had Band-in-a-Box for past 5 years. One of the best musical investments I've made. Has been great for writing songs, practice and jamming. I use mostly the real tracks and very little of midi."

"This program has gotten better every year for the past thirty years and I couldn't live without it now!"

"I've been using it since 1991 which was a primitive DOS version for midi development through midi keyboards. It has kept me upgrading ever since and 2023 is amazing. I'm always learning and always amazed."

"I just picked up the 2023 BIAB Pro, and have started educating myself on its intricacies and upgrades from previous versions. WOW!! What a writing toolbox! I am just so impressed so far."

"Love the new features in 2023! Started using Band in a Box way back in the early nineties. This program has been to the moon and back since then. Thanks!"

"This box contains the best bandmates! They are always ready to chat with you!"

"One of my best tools for composing arranging and playing!"

"Have you met my Band? they are here on BIAB.... always on time for gigs lol!"

"Awesome program that you'll never regret!"

"This is the best for whipping up a quick jam track!"

"I have a severe brain injury and Band in the Box is helping me reconnect with my passion of music. I have used the PRO version."

"I use it to as a songwriting tool and I use it to demo my songs. Great program!!"

"This Thing is Awesome, only had it for 3 weeks or so and already making Professional sounding Tracks. I will definitely be Recommending this Product to all my Music Buddies. Thanks PG Music!"

"As I get older, and health problems get in the way of life, one constant is my yearly Band-in-a-Box Upgrade! With my nerve damage getting worse, and Mr. Arthritis being a pain in everything from my hands / wrists to my shoulders / hips this program becomes invaluable more."

"I've been using Band in a Box since it was on 3.5 inch disks! Its such a great product. I've created new music and accompaniment tracks for performances for years. I absolutely love it!"

"It's Incredible!"

"The support staff is very responsive to questions. I've used it for 20 years!"

"An amazingly inexpensive investment!"

"Worth the price, especially if you keep up every year or two. The initial cost is a big bite, but honestly, where are you gong to be able to hire that many musicians to come play at your house at any time day or night, in any different style you want."

"I love that you can dial up a style, any key, auto generate a song out of the air and start riffing!"

"I use it all the time! Gets better every year too! Thanks PG Music!"

"Outstanding Program!"

"PG Music I Salute You!"

"I've been using it since 20th Century.... Something Great is that I am Not a Musician but Starting anything with Band in a Box is My Way to Get Started!"

"This is a great starter kit for aspiring song writers, etc. I wrote many a song using this software!"

"I've released several tracks created in BIAB with just some vocals and extra guitar added. And every version gets better and better. Worth every penny/cent!"

"Although I write and produce a lot of my music on arranger keyboards, these keyboards are very expensive. If you are a semi-pro music producer or you're interested in getting into producing music. I think this is the best way to go!"

"Awesome tool to have in your tool belt!"

"BIAB is a game changer!"

"Incredible Software!"

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