Download install
set the AutoHotkey.exe to run as admin (this will allow it to access Biab if it's set to run as admin).
Right click Save Link/Target As BB Quick Menu & Mixer.ahk
Double click to run.
The taskbar is set to auto hide, if yours is not set to auto hide then you need to change the height of the audio edit and mixer.
For dual monitors just set larger coordinates over 1920 to position on the other monitor if the main monitor is 1920.
To edit go down the script to Layout1: or Layout2: or Layout3:
To adjust position and size:
WinMove, WinTitle, WinText, X, Y , Width, Height

WinMove, ahk_class TBandWindow,, 0, 0, 1440, 800
WinMove, Mixer,, 1425, 0, 500, 1075
WinMove, ahk_class TAudioEditFloat,, 0, 790, 1440, 280

Use WindowSpy.ahk in the AutoHotkey folder to get the window ID/Tittle of selected window if you want other windows
Alt+F8 = ahk_class TPartGenDialog
Moveable Notation = ahk_class TStaffWindow
Piano Roll Moveable = ahk_class TPianoRollFloat
Big Lyrics = ahk_class TLyricsWindow
Lead Sheet = ahk_class TLeadSheetWindow
If they don't have a unique ID use the window name
Guitar Window = Guitar Window
Mixer = Mixer

These can be opened with
WinMenuSelectItem, WinTitle, WinText, Menu , SubMenu1, SubMenu2, SubMenu3, SubMenu4, SubMenu5, SubMenu6

WinMenuSelectItem, ahk_class TBandWindow, , Window, Floating Mixer Window

Make sure the menu name matches exact as some have ... on the end.

Windows can be closed with
WinClose , WinTitle, WinText, SecondsToWait

WinClose, ahk_class TAudioEditFloat

You can add more layouts.