RealBand 2023 Build 4 patch is available:

Summary of fixes since Build 3:

  • FIXED - Issue with Playable RealTracks not being heard, due to an issue loading sforzando on some computers
  • FIXED - Generate Audio Harmonies was getting an error -6 for some of the harmony presets like Jimmy Smith, Super Sax, and Glen Miller.
  • FIXED - Shots and Holds in an .SGU were not interpreted correctly. For example C...d (hold all instruments except drums) would incorrectly import as Cd,
    resulting in an Error code 8 when attempting to generate the track.
  • FIXED - Tracks Window - Right click menu - Select Hi-Q MIDI Synth Patch now includes Synthmaster presets.
  • FIXED - If generation of RealDrums results in a RealChart track also being generated, the RealChart track was set to channel 11.
  • FIXED - Clicking on the piano of the main screen could result in silence if the current track was an audio track, and the only MIDI track was a RealChart track.
  • FIXED - If the Edit - Tracks - Merge Tracks was used and the Merge Audio to Mono checkbox was checked, and then a regular render of the whole song was done in the future, it would result in a mono render.

Summary of fixes since Build 2:

  • FIXED - the "Force Enabled" checkbox setting in the MicroChords dialog might not be remembered by the program.
  • FIXED - if you visit the MicroChords dialog and press Cancel it will now undo the MicroChord changes you made and you could choose to Edit - Redo afterward if necessary.
  • FIXED - help button not working in Adjust Volume/Trim of all Tracks dialog.
  • FIXED - could not enter MicroChords when typing with the Ch checkbox enabled in the notation window

Summary of fixes since Build 1:

  • FIXED - Highlighted area in black in chords window only showed the first chord in a highlighted bar
  • FIXED - Undo was not working correctly after generating track
  • FIXED - Set MIDI volume of Playable RT SFZ Sound menu item in the PRT menu wasn't doing anything.
  • ADDED - F10 Hotkey for Microchords dialog in Chords Window. (could not use F6 because that's the Now hotkey in RB, and could not use M because it's the part marker hot key)
  • FIXED - Help button in newer dialogs now linked to the new help topics
  • FIXED - Stems generation might not have worked properly.

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