One feature from BIAB that I wish RealBand included was the Melody Embellisher feature in BIAB. It could be called a MIDI track embellisher. I realize that it doesn't work with all DXi/VSTi instruments, but it does work with most of the GM instruments. It's a nice way to get quick down and dirty, more-humanized MIDI rendition of something that might have been imported from a notation program. The code is there in BIAB; I would think it would be easy enough to incorporate it into RealBand.

Right now, what I have to do is do it in BIAB, make it permanent, export out of BIAB, and then bring it into RealBand, and hope that I don't have to repeat the process if I see a change that needs to be made. It would be nice to do it all in RealBand.

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