If you get error for line 3 just take out
#Warn, All, Off
;#Warn, All, Off
Install V1 then set C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe to Run As Administrator by right click if you are running Biab As Administrator.

This uses Windows audio device so set Biab to the windows audio device
Browse for Song folder
Select songs to play with Ctrl+click or Shift+click
Press "Play All Selected" to play
Double click in list will play single song

It can be polished up, it's just basic at the moment to try.
You can set it to automatically open the same folder each time, just need to change a line in the script.
Double click Biab Player.ahk to run.
You can store scripts in bb\Scripts.
The script can be edited with Notepad or other.
When the audio stops playing it will load the next song.
It will open SGU MGU with *.*GU but you can set it to open all files types if need be by changing to *.* or a custom file type list can be made.
If there are any issues it's usually just needs longer "Sleep, xxxx" time between actions.