Here is a list of fixes in the last few weeks since the forum software was upgraded.

  • Added: Forum now supports emoji characters (full unicode support, utf8mb4). 😀
  • Added: Not possible to specify "no change to avatar" when editing user profile.
  • Fixed: Captions not appearing under image file attachments.
  • Fixed: An attachment without a caption would use the caption of a previous attachment in the same thread.
  • Added: Text in attachment manager to clarify that caption should be entered before selecting file.
  • Improved: Clicking on the browser back button when in the lightgallery (viewing attachments) returns you to the same page rather than the previous forum page.
  • Changed: Signature is no longer hidden automatically on screen sizes smaller than 450px.
  • Changed: Forum guest user (i.e. not logged in) will see timestamps of posts relative to the current time if within 48 hours, such as "5 minutes ago"
  • Note: Guest user time defaults to Pacific Time (America/Vancouver timezone)
  • Note: Relative times / Pacific Time are the default for new users.
  • Note: Most existing users have a timezone set automatically.
  • Added: Timezone selection in the Optional fields section of the registration page.
  • Added: Explanation beside timezone selection drop-down.
  • Improved: Miscellaneous small display tweaks -hover effect for thread pagination -post content lists formatting -border for flags, separators darker ...
  • Changed: "Default add threads to followed to True" is set to Yes by default.
  • Changed: "Send me an email when new post on my follow list is created" is set to Yes by default.
  • Changed: Latest Threads page is more condensed. Also, line breaks are stripped, which allowed more threads to be displayed (this is how the previous forum was, but it did not have the option to expand the post. People might prefer to see the original formatted post instead, not sure)
  • Fixed: Heading in the Post List allows you to sort by 'Thread Starter' in addition to Thread Title.
  • Improved: Icons in the Post List to show if the thread has new posts and if you have posts in the thread, are larger and easier to see.
  • Fixed: In the search forums select box, selected but unfocused forums could not be read in dark mode.
  • Fixed: Top menu About button wrapped to next row when page was zoomed out.
  • Added: "Index" button between prev and next thread buttons.
  • Fixed: Animated GIFs weren't animating when inlined (graphics library updated)
  • Added: 'My Posts' menu item in the User Menu (also accessible by clicking the small 'bubble' icon at the top of the menu)

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