With just a few days to go for 2024 I would like to see the same instrument/guitar mainly Direct Input (allowing whatever FX you like), to have lots n lots of different patterns so you can change patterns at any bar or beat and it will be seamless transition with no tonal change. You pick the guitar and tempo then over to the side you have a preview list with all the patterns (similar to RealDrums with the Variations). The same with a solo instrument.
This would also cut down on the amount of Playable RealTrack sfz's you would need down the track, you don't need FX versions also, just the DI that will use a default vst fx. RealTracks are not added each year only new patterns to the existing guitars rather than having to go up/down to choose from a massive list of different sounding guitars with different levels and FX.
Also, to go from playing a rhythm into a solo you want the same recorded guitar as a soloist.

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