Band-in-a-Box 2024 build 1109 update patch is available:

Updated Jan 30, 2024. The build 1109 patch now includes Band-in-a-Box DAW Plugin build 6.1.4, which has been added to the patch as of Jan 30, 2024. There are no other changes to Band-in-a-Box program build or other content from the previous build 1109 update patch.

DAW Plugin 6.0.13 release notes (Jan 30, 2024)

  • Fixed: Generating disabled track shows error message
  • Fixed: Crash when BB folders cannot be found
  • Fixed: Problems playing multi-instrument MIDI track
  • Fixed: String localization errors
  • Added: Exit button (X) when spinning wheel covers entire plugin
  • Added: Load Chords from MIDI File by drag-n-drop over Chord Sheet

Summary of changes in Build 1109 (Since build 1108) (Jan 17, 2024)

Note about exporting MIDI files for use with Synth V. If you want the harmony parts exported on separate tracks in your MIDI file:
(1) When you select a harmony in Band-in-a-Box, there is an option to Convert/write harmony to the melody track. Do not select this option.
(2) To export the MIDI file, use File | Save Special | Save as MIDI file, or click the .MID button in the toolbar (File panel). In the Options dialog, select General MIDI format as the lyrics type, and make sure that "Harmony on separate tracks" is selected (these are the defaults).

  • Added: Three extra RealTracks added, that should have been included in sets 444, 445, and 447 but were only included in the 49PAK: Bass, Electric, VintageCountryWaltzSlow Sw 085; Guitar, Electric, Soloist BroCountryPopJohnny Ev 110; Guitar, Electric, Soloist ModCountryTravellerJohnny Sw16 075
  • Fixed: _Chase.sty triggered HiQ error.
  • Fixed: _Beefy.sty might show N/A RT.
  • Fixed: Apply button should be enabled in MultiPicker if no item is selected.
  • Fixed: When importing MIDI files that use a higher PPQ than 120, will place the lyrics at the wrong times.
  • Fixed: Selecting a chord from the Chord Progressions window by clicking the .. button to the right of the main button while holding shift will just preview the chord.
  • Fixed: When exporting MIDI files with lyrics, the lyric events were saved as plain text events instead of lyric events. This would prevent them from showing up when the MIDI file was imported into some programs, such as Synth V.
  • NOTE: If you want to import a MIDI file with a melody harmony into Synth V with the harmony parts on separate tracks: (1) Do not select the option in Band-in-a-Box to Convert/write harmony to melody track, and (2) to export the MIDI file use File | Save Special | Save as MIDI file (or .MID button), and make sure that "Harmony on separate tracks" is selected in Options.
  • Fixed: MIDI lyrics export option "PG Music format (old)" which was obsolete, changed to "Plain Text Events".
  • Fixed: MP3 loop files would not not play.
  • Fixed: Playback auto-scrolling in the Audio Edit window might stop working after right-clicking.
  • Fixed: "Record from bar" might place recorded audio at wrong location if the track was empty before recording.
  • Fixed: Copy/Move tracks failed to copy audio.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when generating songs with very short riffs and "Automatically fill gaps between riffs" is enabled. Typically occurred on long songs with many chord changes.
  • Fixed: Opening the Lead Sheet window would make the Piano Roll disappear.
  • Fixed: Using "Choose colors for Chord and Notation display" in the ChDisp menu wouldn't permanently change the Notation Window’s background color.

Summary of changes in Build 1108 (Since build 1106)

  • Fixed: Possible program freeze if using “Auto-Fix Sour Notes” feature ("Saddle Up" problem).
  • Fixed: Mix-paste in Audio Edit was not working properly.
  • Fixed: Visual metronome dialog now counts in correctly if bars 1 and 2 have timesigs like 3/4 5/4 7/4.
  • Fixed: Partial Generation improved for RealDrums, when using the MultiPicker partial-generation button , on drums and other tracks, including notation.
  • Fixed: Apply button on MultiPicker should be enabled for all except Melodist, Soloist if None is selected.
  • Fixed: UserTracks were taking a long time to generate, even if .bt2 files were present.
  • Added: Audition chord on beat 2 or 4 by pressing Control-Shift-Enter (note: Shift-Enter already auditions beats 1 or 3).

Summary of changes in Build 1106 (Since build 1104)

  • Fixed: Tracks out of sync if using multiple styles on a track.
  • Fixed: Access Violation error if attempting to make audio harmonies.
  • Fixed: Issues with viewing volume nodes on mono tracks.
  • Fixed: Selecting a blank track in the Audio Edit window would display the wrong track data.
  • Fixed: “Auto-Fix Sour Notes” features were not working.
  • Improved: If changing “stretching quality” setting in RealTracks Settings dialog, relevant tracks will be reprocessed immediately.
  • Fixed: Problematic style changes with styles like 'Airduo' and Aircelt' that have no drum part.
  • Updated: PDF Documentation, help file.
  • Fixed: “Automatically fill gaps between riffs” feature was not working.
  • Fixed: Various GUI issues with Audio Chord Wizard mode.
  • Fixed: Possible slow bootup for some users.
  • Fixed: Tracks with multi-drums would stop generating if restarting playback.
  • Fixed: Audio Conversion Error -1072875854 when exporting MP3 or M4A files.
  • Fixed: Right-click on Chords button should show the Chords Display menu.
  • Fixed: Home key did not work on tracks window.
  • Fixed: Rebuild in the RD Picker duplicates some multidrum entries during the current session.
  • Added: style _MIASMA (rt431)
  • Fixed: Possible problems playing style Demo songs that were frozen.
  • Fixed: Trumpet, Background RnBFunky Ev 120 (1TrackHornSection) not playing properly
  • Updated: RT Memos for all RealTracks included in the 2024 release.
  • Improved: The following RealTracks have improvements including better phrase transitions:
    - Piano, Acoustic, Soloist JazzFastRH Sw 190
    - Guitar, Electric, Soloist ModCountryTravellerJohnny Sw16 075
    - Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalModernTripletSyncReverse12key Sw 140
    - Guitar, Electric, Soloist BroCountryPopJohnny Ev 110
    - Bass, Acoustic, SoulJazzMellow ev 85
    - Piano, ElectricVintage, Rhythm SoulJazzMellowTrem Ev 085
    - Bass, Acoustic, Fusion70sFunk ev16 100
    - Piano, Electric, Rhythm Fusion70sAvantFunk ev16 100 h
    - Guitar, Electric, Soloist Metal80sPopFast8ths Ev 130
    - Guitar, Electric, Soloist AmericanaGentleTrain ev16 085

DAW Plugin 6.0.13 release notes

  • Fixed: Crash opening the plugin
  • Fixed: RD Stems not loading from SGU
  • Fixed: Destination REAPER track should not be deleted before sending to REAPER
  • Fixed: Renamed some labels in REAPER Panel


Summary of changes in Build 1104 (Since build 1102) (Dec 12)

  • Possible noise when starting first playback after loading a song.
  • Tracks waveform appearing wrong if multiple RealTracks with different tempos are generated onto a single track.
  • Forced accidentals revert to Automatic when playing a song.
  • RealTracks stems could not be selected.
  • Cannot select Bass track when opening program.
  • Volume automation nodes might appear in wrong locations on Master track.
  • Resize cursor appears when hovering mouse over track label in tracks window.
  • Track label did not redraw after setting a custom label.
  • Shots and holds not working for a few older RT's like #2915
  • Load demo song did not work for LookMa set 11
  • Tracks might play out of sync if starting playback beyond the end of an Artist Performance Track.
  • Missing riffs in some RealTracks demo songs (eg piano soloist in _WARP.STY demo at bar 10).
  • Bad timing on some RealTracks riffs.
  • Crash when transposing region of an audio track.
  • Media Foundation error -1072875836 when playing _FLEE.STY.
  • Delete key on Tracks window behaving like Shift+Delete.
  • Minimize issue fixed in MultiPicker Library, F5 Bar Settings, Chord Options
  • Apply button on F5 dialog had a semicolon
  • URL provided in FlashMessage when the function is used
  • [plugin]: Function added to allow generation of Master.wav while using ReaperInstructions
  • [plugin]: Reaper Instructions now have “Beat” parameter allowing them to support live tempo changes
  • Demos playing weren’t shutting down if play was pressed elsehwere in some cases
  • Standalone RealDrums picker when closing needs to point to RealDrums picker in the MultiPicker
  • Instrumental Studies Set 21 files are supposed to notation on both the soloist guitar track and the rhythm guitar track.
  • Manuals, help file

DAW Plugin 6.0.7 release notes

  • Changed plugin name from "2023" to "2024"
  • Deselect all REAPER media items after sending tracks
  • Some media items sent to REAPER don't show signal
  • Add button to expand REAPER Settings area to cover panel
  • Sending tracks to reaper makes sound when complete
  • Pressing PLAY with "Send REAPER Instructions enabled" will result in endless loop if not generated
  • Enabling Style Mix track causes plugin to always generate wav files

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