New GUI script
Just extract all the files/folders in the zip to the Scripts folder then in the Actions window load
"Script: Set SGU MGU single frozen track or section to import to selected track GUI.lua" see pic below.

This allows you to set the current SGU you are working on in Biab and instantly import any frozen track or section, so each time I generate a new bit or freeze a different track I Ctrl+ S Biab first to save then click the Import SGU in Reaper.

Any section you don't like in the DAW can be updated instantly by first removing that section then generate up the same section on an empty track in Biab, freeze it, save it, Import SGU.

This will automatically fit the track sections to a varying tempo map allowing you to easily add Biab tracks to any live recorded DAW session.

This won't create new wav files to fill up the hard drive as it will just reference the Biab source files wma, wav, m4a, aiff or any other format that you can batch convert RT & RD to.

You can also use Video RealTracks/Drums.

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[Linked Image - Only viewable when logged in]