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Thanks for informing me about Spleeter.
Here is the piano stem from that program. This is what I suspected, the quality is just not there. To be sure, this is a tough technical nut to crack, and they have made great strides but (at least for Spleeter) they need to do more development work for piano stems to be useful to me. The bass stem is better, and could be useful. Bass is easier because of where it sits in the spectrum.

I did the same with Song Master Pro and got essentially the same results.
I wonder how Audacity or other programs do on this song.

Spleeter Piano Stem

Just to be clear, the Spleeter code will not pull the paino out clean. This code is optimized for Bass, Drums, vocals. The piano will fall into the "Others" which is the fourth stem in all these spleeter applications. Use the app on Bass, Drums and Vocals to see how well it performs.

I just did a workaround to get piano. I chose a version of the cover which was Live, so vocal and piano only. So the "other" track was very clean piano.

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