A video soundtrack created using BIAB and RealBand. Auditioned tracks and loops in BIAB, but almost all of the generating and work was done in RealBand.

First the video was imported into RealBand and then the tracks and loops were generated as required for sections of the video.

The first 1:30 minutes contain the following RealTracks and loops:

RealBass 752 Bass Acoustic, Jazz BeBop Sw 190
RealDrums – Jazz Brushes Sticks #1
RT 2533 Guitar, Acoustic, HeldChords
Loop – Acoustic DrumFullKit\Funk Rock-44hats 100a ev8

The last 2 minutes use the following RealTracks:

RealBass 2749 Bass, electric, Rock Shuffle HardDoug sw 120
Real Drums – Rock Shuiffle ^ 1- HiHat, Ride
Real Piano 2728 Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Blues Shuffle/Mike Sw 130
RealGuitar 1584 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Texas Blues Rock Shuffle Brent sw 130

Various other synth sounds were played in with MIDI.