Two new different Libraries, each with two different Instruments.


Brand: Yamaha* YM 5100A | Recorded in: Hall and Studio 1
Recorded with: wool/yarn/cord-wrapped mallets (soft to hard)
With its mellow, woody, dark and utterly engulfing tone, the marimba represents a unique expression that fits just as well in classical compositions as in pop and rock. Simply put, a timeless instrument with an iconic tone

Brand: Yamaha* YX 500R | Recorded in: Hall
Recorded with: wool/yarn/cord-wrapped mallets (soft to hard)
It may look like a spitting image of the marimba, but – rest assured – it has its own and completely unique voice. With a harder wood in its bars and an overall higher and more narrow range, the xylophone is its perfect counterpart


Brand: Bergerault* BV35 | Recorded in: Hall and Studio 1
Recorded with: Wool/yarn/cord-wrapped mallets (soft to hard) and violin bow
Since it was first introduced back in the first quarter of the 1900s, the vibraphone has been a mainstay in all kinds of music, arrangements and styles – particularly so in jazz. With its massive two-manual set of “keys,” big pipe organ-like resonators and motor-driven tremolo, this acoustic-electric instrument sounds as grand as it looks.

Brand: Bergerault* KG25S | Recorded in: Studio 1
Recorded with: Synthetic mallets
What this little instrument lacks in size, it makes up in tone. In fact, throughout music history the glockenspiel has intrigued classical composers, songwriters and listeners alike across all genres and styles. It simply has an irresistible tone that cuts through in any musical narrative you place it in. maker and a storyteller all at once!

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